NEW! Bosch Lawn Mowers

In the spirit of always striving for better, indeed maybe even perfection, Bosch have released a range of new electric and cordless lawn mowers in time for this summer. The new and improved models are:

Electric Lawn Mowers

  • Rotak 32 – an update to the smallest mower in the range
  • Rotak 36
  • Rotak 37
  • Rotak 40
  • Rotak 43 – right through to the largest!

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Building on the unbridled success of earlier ‘Rotak’ models, the new lawn mowers feature several upgrades both in looks and in functionality, but the key things you need to know are:

  • A new ‘QuickClick’ easy assemble solution for connecting the handle to the mower straight from the box. This avoids having to have any tools to hand, and should simplify the process of assembling the mower
  • The ‘LeafCollect’ feature means that the cutting blade is designed in such a way to draw leaves in as well as cut grass, perfect particularly during the autumn months when clearing the lawn is even more important than cutting it.

Otherwise it’s simply the same great quality and reliability we’ve come to expect from Bosch with features such as high torque motors, ergonomic hand grips and controls, and a well built reliable design that lasts.

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