Pedal Power!

Grazor Lawn Mower

Though several attempts have been made in the past (usually only for humorous effect), it seems that one London based design agency may have finally cracked the conundrum of the pedal powered lawn mower.

Resembling a cross between a recumbent bicycle, a child’s go kart, and a piece of high-tech sports equipment, the ‘Grazor’ lawn mower is a carbon fibre big boys toy with a twist. For those who don’t mind working up a sweat whilst gardening (or perhaps even relish the notion) it’s the ideal solution to the age old problem of keeping one’s lawn in shape.

Designed by world renowned product design consultancy ‘Seymour Powell’, the company are hoping that the concept will be picked up and mass produced by a garden equipment manufacturer. Provided said company can swallow the risk of producing something really quite radical, in all other terms the idea is, like many great ideas, extremely simple.

Key features of the Grazor include:

  • Three large off road wheels, specifically designed to maintain traction even on slippery grass
  • Carbon fibre frame and body, a lightweight and extremely strong material for optimum performance over many years of use
  • Five gears, so that much like a bicycle, the user can adjust the torque; the amount force applied to the pedals depending on whether you’re going up or down hill
  • Pedals that not only propel the lawn mower forwards but also turn a rotating cylinder type blade at the front, this can be moved up and out of the way when the user wishes to use the Grazor purely for transport.
  • Blade cleverly disguised within ‘front wing’

It’s set to be an expensive product if it does hit the shelves, at an estimated £3000 price tag is likely only to appeal to real enthusiasts, but who knows, maybe now at time when the importance of healthy living is relentlessly stressed by government and medical officials alike, perhaps this type of lawn mower could in the not too distant future be commonplace in gardens everywhere.


Image credit: Seymour Powell

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