Solar Powered Lawn Mowers

A garden or backyard with a lawn makes a lovely spot to find some solace or enjoy some fresh air in the morning or evening. But as we know all too well, maintenance can be a killer without the correct tool, and of course first and foremost this means a powerful lawn mower. In some cases the lawn mower can be so heavy that you need not bother renewing your gym membership over the summer, your lawn mower will give you all the workout you need!

There are a range of potential solutions to lugging round a heavy gas guzzling lawn mower, with manual mowers, and electric mowers all playing their part. However now it seems there may be a new kid on the lawn mowing block, the Husqvarna solar powered mower. Not only is this machine powered by free energy, but it’s also completely autonomous. It’s about as stress free a solution as you could hope for!

Other benefits of a Solar Powered Lawn Mower

  • Choosing a solar-powered lawn mower over other options will definitely get a thumbs up from your neighbours, more and more consumers are becoming ever more environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly activities and green tools that work with, rather than damage the natural environment, can only be seen as a positive thing
  • Lots of cost savings are to be enjoyed with lawn mowers that are powered by the sun and not by expensive fossil fuels, or even mains electricity
  • The sun is a free energy source, available to every environmentally conscious consumer, 365 days a year

With a growing awareness of environmentally friendly tools in and outside the home, it’s not surprising to note the market is slowly coming round to the idea of solar-powered lawn mowers, Husqvarna might be one of the first to adopt the technology, but they certainly won’t be the last. A large part of the reason for their emergence on the market lies in the recent emergence of better technologies that work quietly, efficiently, and most crucially of all, at a more affordable price to you.

Converting a Petrol Mower to Solar Powered Mower

If the latest robotic  mower seems a bit too flash for your tastes, but you still like the idea of solar power fuelling your lawn mower, then you could theoretically convert you existing electric mower into a dynamic solar-powered unit by wiring in a solar panel to your existing cordless lawn mower. It’s a bit of effort, and not for the non tech savvy, but be assured that there are examples in existence where this has been done!

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