Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn LawnmowerwizardSpring is almost upon us once more, the sun is shining (maybe!), the flowers will soon be in bloom, and if it hasn’t already, your garden will be making a welcome return to good health.

Not so fast!

Your garden might well start to perk up a little, but unless you give it the proper care and attention it deserves, it’ll still look pretty tired even with Mother Nature to help it along. When it comes to your lawn you’ll probably find that 6 months of cold and wet weather has taken its toll.

If your lawn is damp and mossy, you’ll need to clear this up or risk starving the lawn of nutrition. You’ll need to do some serious raking or scarifying to combat this, but beware if your lawn looks tired as it is, this process could do serious damage at this time of year. You might be better off waiting until early autumn after the lawn has benefitted from the warm spring and summer air.

You might also consider aerating your lawn as a way of allowing it to breath. Using an aerator or aerator sandals can help with this, but you should ensure that the soil type will benefit from this type of activity. If not you could consider the more aggressive ‘coring’ type of aerator, but again be aware of the effect this might have on an already tired area of grass.

Once you’re happy with the state of your lawn the next step will be to dust of your lawn mower. Give it a full overhaul, making sure that parts are cleaned and oiled, and most importantly that it’s safe to use. You don’t want to start of the gardening season with a trip to A+E!

If you feel your lawn could do with a helping hand, Spring is also the ideal time to introduce a watering and nutrient feeding schedule. You should also take the time to ensure your lawn is recieving the maximum amount of sunlight possible in order for it to thrive. If necessary, trim and trees and shrubs that are shading the lawn, and reomove items such as table and chairs from the lawn for a few weeks at least to maximise sun exposure.


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