The Best Toy Lawn Mowers

They say that starting them young gets children on the right track, so why not promote being a hard-working and proud home owner and buy your little one a toy lawn mower? It’s fun, it gets them up and about in the fresh air, and best of all it instills a sense of discipline and responsibility.

Also, just between you and me, it makes it much easier to get them to mow the lawn for real when they’re a little older!

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower Review

While you cut the grass with a ‘real’ lawn mower, you’ll be watching in envy as your child runs around smiling and chasing bubbles with this unbeatable product from Fisher-Price. This quality brand of children’s toys does it again with this toy Bubble Mower, providing hours of entertainment for young children. The colourful and fun design of this toy lawn mower makes it aesthetically pleasing and the great features make it functional and enjoyable. Pretending to mow the lawn has never been so fun for children as with this awesome Bubble Mower.
The all-terrain traction on the tyres gives this toy mower great ground clearance, meaning it can be used in all corners of the yard. This feature makes it sturdy and durable so your kids can run around even more without you worrying about the toy mower breaking down. There is a realistic electric start key that will impress your kids when they get to hold down the button and hear it start up. Similarly, the speed-control lever gives kids the feeling that they are actually controlling a real lawn mower. This is not only excellent for kids’ amusement and imagination, but also has educational benefits as they learn about the connections between buttons and levers and the functionality of machinery.

Another fun part of this lawn mower is the bubble solution. This is easy for kids to fill thanks to a special cap to catch the bubble solution. After you assist your child the first time in doing this, they will be able to do it themselves without any hassle. A full bottle of bubble solution is included when you purchase this toy mower.

Everything from the colourful design to the bright bubbles makes this an appealing purchase for kids aged 1-5. This toy is a great way to get kids active and involved outdoors, using their energy and imagination to fuel hours of fun. It is very easy for kids to use and also has a robust structure so it will last a long time.

The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is an excellent investment and comes with great value for money. After the included bottle of bubble mix you will need to purchase some more, but this can be easily found online or at local toy shops for just a few pounds. The Bubble Mower requires batteries for running which are not included. All in all, this is an unbeatable investment that you won’t regret, and your kids will certainly thank you for.

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Ecoiffier 280 Toy Lawnmower Review

When the sun is shining and the grass is green, that is the time your little kids need to be outside soaking up the beauty of nature. With the Ecoiffier 280 Toy Lawnmower, hours of endless fun awaits for your little tackers. The bright colours of this toy lawnmower make it aesthetically pleasing and appealing to their young eyes. The push power function of it gives the kids a chance to stretch their arms and legs while running around the yard pretending to mow the grass. This is not only good for the physical development of children, but it also has excellent benefits for their intellectual development as it encourages role play and imagination. For children aged over 18 months, this toy lawn mower has many positive effects.

While the vibrant colours attract your children’s attention, this toy lawn mower also has features that provide the opportunity to teach them some things. Kids can get some hands-on educational fun by inspecting the inner workings of this toy lawn mower. From the twist key in the engine to the large grass box attached to the back, children will have the chance to see how lawn mowers function on a basic level. This is good for their development in understanding basic engineering, as well as using their fine motor skills in touching the ‘engine’ and the wheels.

This toy lawn mower is quite lightweight so it is best suited for children aged 1 and a half to around 5 years old. The exterior of the design is made of plastic so it needs to be stored in a sheltered area that is protected from the weather. Keep in mind that this toy isn’t designed for reckless play as the handle and the grass box can be fragile if treated roughly.

For a great birthday or Christmas gift for the little guy or girl in your life, this toy lawn mower from Ecoiffier is an excellent investment. Free delivery across the UK and coming readily assembled make it a cost effective and convenient item to purchase. You will certainly see the value for your investment while watching your child have hours of fun and smiling all the while running around the backyard trimming the grass as they go.

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Theo-Klein 7617 BIO Lawn Mower Review

If there is a little eco warrior running around your home and needs some kind of energy outlet, then investing in this Theo-Klein Children’s BIO Push-Along Lawn Mower is a fantastic solution. This push along lawn mower simulates role play for young imaginations and can be excellent for their developmental skills in this regard. The fantastic thing about this lawn mower is that it provides children the chance to play individually and allows them to learn how to use only their own imagination to keep them amused, rather than relying on external visual sources of entertainment such as television or computer games. It also gives children the chance to play outside and expand their imaginations to incorporate the natural world around them.

This push along lawn mower has many features of a real lawn mower, such as a grass catcher box and mowing noises. This means that children can learn about the features and functions of actual lawn mowers in a safe and harmless environment, rather than risking getting their little fingers caught in the engine of an actual lawn mower.

The Theo-Klein BIO lawn mower is robust and versatile so it can withstand the energy and imagination of all children aged 36 months and above. This lawn mower is made from high quality plastic so it is very strong and weather resistant. But best of all this plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic, making this the right choice for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment.

If you spend a lot of time in the garden and find that your children can be a hindrance rather than a help, then this is the perfect distraction for them that is a win-win solution for all. While you have time to yourself to get the gardening chores done, your kids are entertained by the colourful lawn mower and learning to amuse themselves outdoors. This great product comes fully assembled so it will be ready to go straight away. With free delivery in the UK, this is a very cost effective and worthy investment. It will not only stimulate your child’s imagination and provide hours of entertainment outdoors, but it will also give you a chance to breathe a sigh of relief as you get your own gardening tasks complete without worrying about your child getting in the way.

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Toy BOSCH Rotak Lawn Mower Review

If you are looking for a realistic replica toy lawn mower for the child with a curious mind in your home, look no further than the toy Bosch Rotak lawn mower. This is an original licensed product and lives up to the engineering qualities of any Bosch branded product. Resembling a real lawn mower, this miniature version comes in the same design and colour that you would expect from a Bosch lawn mower. Your little gardener can get an authentic experience pushing this green Bosch machine around the yard.

One feature that really appeals to the inquiring minds of young children is the realistic clattering noises that the wheels make while moving. This gives kids the feeling that they are actually mowing the lawn. It is a lightweight product which makes it easy to manoeuvre for kids aged 2-6. Without the handle is approximately 36 x 24 x 21 cm, and with the handle is around 51 cm. It is not entirely suitable for kids under 2 years old as it is generally too tall, and requires more weight to function properly.

This is a simple lawn mower that provides the aim of allowing young kids to replicate the actions of their mums or dad using real lawn mowers. It is a basic machine which makes it easy to assemble. However, it doesn’t come with any frills or gadgets so don’t expect anything like some bubble blowing toy lawn mowers or the like.

The toy BOSCH Rotak Lawn Mower is a great gift idea for a little gardener in your life. It is especially ideal if mum or dad, or grandma or grandad, have an actual Bosch lawn mower as the little ones will love the idea of imitating their exact lawn mowing actions with a realistic toy lawn mower. Bosch also has many other gardening toys for little kids, such as lawn trimmers, hedge trimmers, and wheelbarrows. This line of products will give your young one a real head start in their gardening development and give them a chance to get involved with taking care of the backyard from a young age.

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Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower Review

For all your little tikes’ lawn mowing desires, the Gas n Go Mower will provides hours of entertainment around the backyard. This lawn mower is as close to the real thing you can invest in for your little one at home. It comes with all that your kids will need to keep the yard around the playhouse looking neat and sharp. While mum or dad is mowing the grass with the big, noisy lawnmower, your little tike can follow along behind with this adorably, colourful Gas n Go mower.

One of the favourite features to amuse the kids, and even adults at time, are the beads that pop as you push the lawn mower. This works through the push power of the mower and the faster you push, the quicker and higher the beads on the ‘engine’ pop around. There is also a clicking key and removable throttle which will give your kids the feeling that they are really starting the lawn mower. This can be a great start for keen mechanical minds as they begin to figure out the inner workings of a lawn mower. Another feature to encourage this is the removable gas can. This helps kids’ fine motor skills as they learn to carefully take the can off and open up the tethered gas cap as they pretend to refill the petrol tank. It also gives them a chance to learn about how lawn mowers require petrol to run.

This toy lawn mower is ideal for kids aged around 2-5. It is perhaps too lightweight for babies and infants to use as it would tend to lean backwards if there isn’t enough weight pushing it forward. It is tall enough for kids aged 4 and up to enjoy and have a great time with.

There are no batteries required for toy to run and the only noise it makes is from the beads bouncing around as you push. This makes it an easy and functional toy to enjoy at any time of the day. With free delivery in the UK, this Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower is a cost effective investment for your kids. It provides a fun and educational experience for the little tikes and might even turn them into an engineering genius further down the track.

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