The Rise of Battery Power

Would you believe we’re half way through the second decade of the new millenium already?! Time moves fast, and so does technology. Twenty or thirty years ago it’s unlikely anyone would have predicted how reliant we’d be on the technology we have today. Let’s face it, there aren’t many of us who don’t find ourselves interacting with a smartphone, tablet, smart watch, or even smart glasses every single day.

The secret to this great technological revolution in part come from advances in battery technology, after all it takes a lot of power to stay permanently connected to the internet, viewing every second in glorious high definition. As the demands on the technology increase, so battery technology must continue to improve.

All this is good news for you if you like to keep your home and garden in good shape, the same lithium ion battery technology has been filtering it’s way down to tools and garden appliances for several years now, and it continues to get better. As old tools eventually break or are beyond repair you’ll probably find yourself investing in battery powered alternatives at some point in the not too distant future.

Before you find yourself muttering the words ‘they don’t make them like they used to’, it’s probably worth reassuring yourself of the benefits lithium ion power will bring you, you’ll be glad to know this technology is most certainly a step forward!

Lithium ion batteries are:

  • Rechargable- they can be recharged time and again, and perform much better than older forms of rechargable battery thanks to a much longer working life, and superior charge retention that lasts even after many cycles of charging/discharging
  • Lightweight- this is part of the reason why remote controlled ‘drone’ helicopters have become so popular in recent years. It’s also great news when using a lawn mower or strimmer with similar batteries as you won’t be fatigued as much as you would with older heavier forms of rechargable battery
  • As touched on above, consumer demands mean that the technology is improving all the time, so these benefits are only set to improve!


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