Flymo Easicut 500-Cordless Cordless Hedgecutter Review


For an effective and glitch free way to trim the hedges in your garden, you probably need a cordless trimmer so that you can reach all corners of the garden without having to worry about the length of the cable. The Flymo Easicut 500 Cordless Hedgecutter is a great investment for those with that very need. It’s also more environmentally friendly as there are no petrol fumes to get into your nostrils, or for that matter, anywhere else they could cause damage. However, the big winner here is the cordless nature of the trimmer that allows you to trim your hedges without any entangling cables getting in your way. It has a longer running time than older cordless trimmers and the battery charges fast. With 75 minutes of non-stop trimming just from one charge of the battery, the dual action blades can do a lot of work for you.


• It is a cordless hedge trimmer
• It uses a NiMh battery that will keep it running for 75 minutes of non-stop trimming work
• Dual action blades that give a very clean trim – blade is 50cm long to enable cutting over a large area
• It comes complete with one non standard battery
• It can cut through branches of up to 16mm in thickness
• A slip-free, ergonomic and wraparound handle allows you to grip the trimmer tightly and use it comfortably
• There is a forward guard protection – for your hands, and by extension, your body

• It is easy to remove the battery and since it charges fast, you can work faster
• Has a blade sheath


• Enjoy the ability to maintain your hedges with little or no effort with the dual cutting blades that can slice through branches of 16mm effortlessly
• It’s cordless! That means that you can use it for  mid-sized to large gardens without having to worry about entangled cables.
• It has a hand protection guard. You can trim safely- just keep those fingers away from the blade!
• The dual reciprocation blades ensure clean trimming all the time, and with minimal vibration
• It is sold with a battery which charges fast and is easy to change. However, the battery is non-standard so you won’t be able to use it anywhere else
• It is almost maintenance-free. Just a little cleaning and oiling of the blades after trimming and you’ll be good to go
• It is light in weight, just about 3 Kg
• Retains charge while working non-stop for 75 minutes


  • 75 minutes that the battery runs may not be enough if you have a big garden
  • Being NiMh, the battery does not boast the same benefits of modern lithium ion battery technology. In particular, NiMh do suffer from a ‘memory’ effect, so you’ll need to be sure to discharge the trimmer fully before recharging.


Cordless is much better for a mid-sized to a large garden. For the money this isn’t a bad little trimmer, and for most people it will do the job perfectly. The technology on offer here isn’t state of the art, however if that’s of no concern to you, and you are prepared for the extra considerations to take into account with older battery technology, then you won’t have any problems at all. Happy trimming!

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Flymo Easicut 500-Cordless Cordless Hedgecutter
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