Flymo PowerVac 3000 Electric Garden Blower Vac Review

The Flymo PowerVac 3000 (formally Scirocco 3000) is a multi purpose leaf blower that’s perfect for clearing large, cluttered gardens. The first thing you’ll notice with this blower is the shear power it generates, both in vacuum and blowing modes. Boasting a powerful 200km/h blow speed, you’ll never have to go over the same spot twice. Just looking at the wide nozzle hints at the sheer amount of thrust on display!

This isn’t the cheapest blower, there are definitely cheaper blowers out there but in terms of quality it is largely worth it, and it’s safe to say you’re in good hands with Flymo, for years they’ve been in the business of using the movement of air to power lawn mowers, so it’s stands to reason they’d translate some of that expertise when it comes to their leaf blower designs.

The 45L collection bag is a big time saver when it comes to disposing of matter. If you’ve ever had problems in the past when you’ve found the bag on your leaf blower is too small and you’ve consequently wasted too much time emptying it, then this certainly solves that problem. This seems like the perfect size, but we won’t lie and say it might not be irritating some of the time, especially when it’s nearly full.

The wheels attached to the tube make it great for going in lines, making it easier to systematically clear up any mess in its path. However, be prepared for trouble when turning as the wheels do not operate so well when it comes to changing direction (James Dyson really is onto something with the ball wheel on his vacuum cleaners!). (EDIT 2021 – The new model of this blower sadly no longer features wheels). Having said that, this won’t be a problem if you keep the blower held up throughout, which is a more than reasonable demand for most. The fact it only weighs 6kg is a big help, especially if you are working for longer over a larger area.


• Incredible blowing power which overshadows many other products on the market
• Light-weight considering the heavy-duty capabilities
• Wheels attached for linear clearing


• Difficult to change direction while wheeling
• A little expensive


We rate this product very highly simply because of the power it generates. If you don’t like to do gardening very often, nor do you have the desire to, then this is the best garden vac for you if you want something that makes a quick job of clearing up an entire area. You will have to pay a little more, but what it lacks in cost effectiveness it certainly makes up for in performance and usability.

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