Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool Review

Multi tools are a great concept, you get several tools in one, saving you money and storage space. The trouble is multi tools often have a greater level of complication, and there are potentially more parts that can go wrong. With this in mind lets take a look at Bosch’s multi tool effort: the AMW 10.

With a total of 5 possible attachments (all sold separately to the base unit); a strimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter, and even a leaf blower you should be able to cover most of your felling and trimming tasks pretty well with the AMW 10. However the biggest issue we found with it is in a symptom of it trying to be a jack of all trades; the tool doesn’t feel very well balanced or comfortable in any configuration. Whereas a standalone tool is obviously designed to perform well in one configuration, and one configuration only, meaning that greater attention can be paid to getting the design spot on.

In terms of the attachments themselves, all perform well, but the biggest drawback seems to be in the amount of power the base unit is able to output. Whereas the 1000 Watt motor is more or less sufficient for the strimmer and hedge trimmer attachment, when it comes to the chainsaw it really doesn’t deliver enough power to be of any real use. Combine this with the somewhat confusing fact that the motor seems to be very heavy relative to its power and it really starts to leave a lot to be desired.

Overall then if you think you’ll benefit from what this tool has to offer, particularly the long reach hedge trimmer and strimmer attachments, then you’ll probably get a lot of good use from it. Long reach hedge trimmers tend to be a fairly specialist tool anyway, so if you can get a secondary use out of one by switching over to a strimmer, then all’s the better. Indeed you can also buy an additonal extension pole to make the whole ensemble even longer if you need to, so that’s definetely a plus. As mentioned though, the weightyness of the base unit and underwhelming power does leave a lot to be desired, so unless you’ve got a good reason to opt for this multi tool system we would recommend buying individual self contained tools to do the same jobs as this

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