Gentleman’s Hardware Garden Multi Tool Review

We tend to think of garden multi tools as being power tools with interchangeable cutting heads, but in the case of the curiously named ‘Gentleman’s Hardware Garden Multi Tool‘ we instead find something altogether more low tech, but none the less just as useful, if not more useful to many people.

Think about it, so much of our time in the garden is spent doing small, menial tasks such as trimming back and dead heading plants, if there was a tool available that had everything you needed to do this type of work all in one place that could only ever be a good thing right?

Well that’s exactly what this multi tool aims to do.

Taking it’s inspiration from the classic ‘Leatherman’ type multi tool design, in which a pair of pliers forms the basis around which other tools are arranged, in this case the pliers have been replaced with secateurs, and the supporting tools are garden specific, including:

  • A small saw for working your way through tougher, more woody stems and branches
  • A bark shovel… we’re not really too sure about this one, is this a tool for girdling?
  • A pendant loop for hanging the tool around your neck on a lanyard, or attaching it to a belt loop

And not forgetting of course the ubiquitous penknife blade which has a multitude of uses in the garden and beyond.

So it’s functional, and it certainly looks the part, and because it’s made from stainless steel, there’s no chance of it going rusty. Just be sure to keep it cleaned and lubricated all the same, just to keep the shears working smoothly if nothing else.

For the attentive gardener then, this is a must have bit of kit, and because it comes in a smart presentation box, it makes the ideal gift for another gardener in your life. It’s also worth noting that this tool is part of a range of other ‘Gentleman’s Hardware’ multi tools, which are also worth checking out if this has tickled your fancy.



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