Hyundai Petrol 52cc 2 stroke Multi Tool Review

Electric Multi tools can be a bit hit and miss because the ‘one size fits all’ approach with regard to power doesn’t always translate very well across all the tool attachments. With petrol powered multi tools you can be fairly certain that the power of the engine will do justice to every attachment.

In the case of this Hyundai multi tool, it’s equipped with a 50cc engine, which for the uninitiated is the same size engine that powers a moped or scooter, which should give you some idea of how powerful it is. Besides this, you get all the benefits of every attachment included, as well as a host of other safety accessories all thrown in for less than £200. For the occasional user at the very least, this is a superb deal.

The 5 attachments included are: a strimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and an extension pole for reaching high up branches and hedges. Each perform well, and the switching over between one attachment and another is quick and simple process, although reports of the connection between the extension pole and the attachment being slightly dicey can’t be overlooked. We would certainly be on the lookout for this, with a view to an exchange if we noticed any problems.

Of course no multi tool is perfect, it’t the nature of the beast when you’re try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. The biggest inherant problem with this tool is that the weight, which isn’t an issue for applications such as strimming and brush cutting, or indeed when trimming a medium height hedge. It’s when you need to start holding the tool up high with the extention pole in place that you arms might start to feel the strain. To be fair though, this is usually the case with any long reach trimmer anyway, it’s just the extra weight of the individual attachements and extension piece with their addition components which seem to make it feel just that bit too heavy.

Despite the drawbacks, this is a great example of a multi tool, and certainly one of the better options on the market. You’ll have every success with it when dealing with weeds  and scrub of any kind, as well as typical hedge trimming tasks. Just be prepared to feel strong when holding it up high, with the extension pole in place, as it might weigh you down a bit!

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Hyundai Petrol 52cc 2 stroke Multi Tool
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