Wolf Creek 58cc Petrol Multi Tool Review

Wolf Creek are certainly a lesser known name in the world of garden multi tools, indeed in the world of garden tools in general. Despite this they’ve made a really solid effort with this multi tool, which has certainly made an impact among consumers.

As is common with garden multi tools, there are a total of 4 different attachments (strimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chainsaw) and and extension pole, and all perform well, like all two stroke tools it’s really just a case of making sure you’re set up properly before you begin work. You should ensure you use the correct mix of petrol and manufacturer specified semi-synthetic oil, and check the fuel cap is on securely, particularly if you intend to hold the handle in a skyward facing direction for trimming high hedges.

There is also a bit of assembly required initially, and unfortunately the instructions could be a lot clearer, so you’ll need to take your time and be methodical about this.

The biggest problem from an operational perspective is that the electrical start switch is positioned too close to the throttle control, this makes it all too easy to nudge the switch into the off position, particularly when wearing gloves.

In terms of ancillary items, Wolf Creek have done a great job putting together a kit useful tools and safety equipment that comes as part of the package, including gloves, safety glasses and ear defenders, and a tool kit to allow you to assemble and maintain both the base unit and the various cutting heads.


  • Effective set of tools, with no major issues besides the fact that the hedge trimmer would benefit from cutting thicker branches (at present the limit is about 5mm diameter)
  • All necessary safety equipment provided, so you can get started straight away


  • At over 6kg the base unit is a bit on the heavy side. Luckily a shoulder strap has been included to take some of the strain, although you might find it is still difficult to lift the unit for cutting tall hedges and trees
  • A concerning number of users have had issues with the engine being problematic, whether being difficult to start or failing to start after the initial use.


Unfortunately multi tools are always a bit dicey, it’s the nature of the beast when you try to make a tool that does the job of several. We would never recommend a multi tool for professional use, as the chances of all the attachments performing to a good enough standard are pretty slim, but if you’re an occasional user, and you’re tight on storage space they’re a great solution. The Wolf Creek multi tool is no exception, and it comes at a great price, making it all the more appealing.

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