Spear & Jackson 5 litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer Reviewed

For dealing with a small weed problem you won’t usually need anything more than a small bottle of weed killer, complete with a spray nozzle, but if you need to take out weeds on an industrial scale, or indeed you wish to feed your lawn with a solid dose of nutrient rich water, then something more substantial is needed.

The answer is a larger, refillable spray bottle that can be easily carried around your garden with the aid of a strap.

These products vary from 4 or 5 litre models, right up to all singing all dancing 15 or 16 litre backpack models with reinforced pump mechanisms, telescopic spraying lances, and various other gimmicks that often don’t justify the price.

Sticking in the 4 or 5 litre range however, you’ll find there are a range of reasonably priced sprayers (around the £10 mark) and it’s one of the most popular of those that we’re going to look at here.

Spear & Jackson 5 litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

Spear and Jackson are a well respected name in the garden tool industry, so you know right from the get go that this is going to be a well made bit of kit, not some bargain bucket tat you might find in a pound shop.

And indeed the proof is in the pudding. The pump action mechanism is smooth and effective, the lance and trigger mechanism work well, and although the nozzle adjustment is a little on the stiff side, you do at least know that when you set the nozzle to a mode that suits you, whether a wide spray or a direct jet, you know that it’s not going to slip out of place.

Naturally the bottle itself is made from a translucent plastic so that you can visually monitor the amounts and ratios of water and chemicals that you’re putting in, and the addition of clear safety and instructional symbols ever present on the side of the bottle is a welcome reminder for you every time you use the tool, which let’s face it has the potential to be quite hazardous depending on the contents.

The one major drawback people have commented on is in the potential for the pressure release valve on top of the bottle to fail, and of course if this happens you’re left with a sprayer that’s next to useless. Whilst this isn’t a common occurrence, it does happen, so it would be wrong of us to say this product is completely without the potential to fault, because it clearly isn’t.

None the less it’s still great value for money, and it’s about as good as you’ll need for most domestic spraying work.

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