Kipor Generators Reviewed

Kipor IG2600 Generator

Kipor not only construct different sized generators, but they also manufacture engines and other rugged machinery, so they’re pretty clued up when it comes to all things electro-mechanical. In this article we’re going to focus on Kipor generator reviews. The digital series of generators from Kipor give you state of the art technology and benefits not offered by any other manufacturer in the industry.

The largest model in Kipor’s ‘suitcase’ generator range, the IG2600  makes use of inverter technology to give an AC output consisting of a pure sine wave, and is able to tightly regulate the frequency and voltage of the generator putput. The IG2600 is therefore stable enough to run microprocessor controlled tools and appliances, as well as all your more basic electronic equipment. This generator outputs 2.3KW of maximum continuous power.

You’ll find the IG2600 features a parallel connection socket as a standard, making it possible to connect two or more generators together when they are configured in parallel. This feature also enables you to connect generators that do not match, ideal when you have the need to run high load appliances – for example a garden party when several of your neighbours help out with their own generators despite being different models.

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Kipor IG770 Generator

A more junior model both in size and power output, the IG770 is lightweight at only 10.5kg and also very quiet. This generator is designed for ease of portability whilst still outputting up to 0.77Kw peak power and 0.70W of pure, clean and reliable power to run small loads. State of the art inverter technology provides power that’s safe to computers and other electronic appliances that are sensitive to unstable power. As far as run time is concerned, you can expect the IG770 to run for three hours continuously on a full tank, and whilst it does so produces minimal noise of not more than 60Dba – think the background noise of a crowd of people talking in a public place.

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  • Compact and light weight: Lightweight and meticulously designed to make it comfortable and easy to carry. Only weighs 29.5 Kg for the IG2600 and only 10.5kg for the IG770. The lightweight feature promotes portability as an adult can comfortably move the machine around without much strain.
  • Reliable Power: The advanced technology utilized in the inverter gives a sine wave 240V output that’s pure and very stable. The output is very safe and dependable for  modern day electronic devices which are sensitive to unstable power including computers. This keeps you working or online whenever there is a power outage or in outdoor activities.
  • Easy to operate and user friendly: The Kipor 2600 and 770 both feature simple quick start and run operations, rubber feet that produce minimal vibration resulting in a sturdy operating platform, and when the oil levels run dangerously low, the Low Oil sensor switches off the generator to prevent the unit becoming damaged.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to ‘smart throttle’ technology these generators run to the lowest speed required to match the demands put on the unit. The result is a less fuel hungry, less noisy generator.
  • Operation in Parallel connection: Kipor generators feature the ability to connect up two or more generators in parallel. This enables you to connect generators of different sizes together and have a combined output of the two machines. Combined generator output means more load capacity which ensures that all your high-draw equipment is taken care of.


  • Cost Ineffectiveness: Whilst their inverter technology ranks highly against other budget options that are comparable, the retail cost of Kipor generators is none the less still quite high.



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