Senci SC2000i Generator Review

The Senci SC2000i generator is probably the most efficient and dependable caravan and camping generator on the market today. At the very hear of its success is powerful Yamaha MZ80 engine. Japanese Manufacturers Yamaha, are famous for their engines, showcased in motorcycles, boats and other tools. So this high calibre engine expertise, in collaboration with Senci’s technology and design in the electrical and electronics department, renders the SC2000i a state of the art powerhouse.

The Senci generator is a highly reliable machine that yields 2000W as its maximum power output and as a little as 50Dba of noise. In terms of safety, low-oil sensors switch off the generator when it detects that the oil is running dangerously low, and the problem of generator overload is also well taken care of by the use of thermal breakers.

Other features this generator incorporates include a three in one indicator which indicates low oil alarm, output, and overload alarm, and a choke knob that facilitates cold start.. When in storage, the carburetor petrol is protected from contamination by a fuel petcock.

  • Quiet Operation: The generator has a noise reduction system that reduces operational noise to 50-65Dba. To put that in real world terms, that makes it quieter than your average vacuum cleaner. This feature prevents probable disturbance in the form of noise operation, and isn’t required to be kept too far away from people as the noise emission is quite bearable.
  • Parallel connection: connection cables come as a standard enable you to pair the Senci generator with other generators for maximum output. It has an inbuilt parallel connection ability with an additional 2kw capable of being provided from other generators. A higher output means more power which in turn translates to a bigger load capacity. This makes sure that all your high-draw equipment runs smoothly without the risk of overload.
  • Inverter Technology: Lets you run and charge sensitive electronic appliances and computers due to its stable and reliable output.
  • Variable engine speed: The Eco Throttle varies the speed of the engine depending on the load parameters whilst still maintaining low operational noise. The throttle has both an Eco mode and a High mode. The eco mode sets the engine speed just high aenough as to provide enough power for the attached devices which reduces operational noise and enhances fuel economy. The High power mode maintains high engine speed which is ideal for rapid cycling appliances or high-draw power demands. The two modes give the SC2000i the flexibility to adapt to different loads, and crucially,  when using basic domestic appliances, the generator reduces fuel consumption, ultimately saving you money
  • The Senci generator comes with a two-year warranty and only weighs 22kg making it extremely portable.


  • More expensive: The Senci generator is typically 20-100% more expensive than a conventional generator. Much of this cost is due to the technology required to convert AC to DC and then back to AC. The cost factor makes Senci generators unattractive to consumers who are economy sensitive or are working on a tighter budget.
  • Larger sizes are unavailable: Senci generators are not available for higher loads which make them unreliable when running many appliances or high-draw electrical appliances. Some customers are therefore attracted to cheaper conventional generators instead.
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