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WPG2000 Petrol Driven Inverter Generator Review

Driven by a Wolf 6.5 Horsepower, four stroke gas engine, and a four-liter capacity fuel tank, the WPG2000 is as traditional as it is innovative. Like all the generators in the Wolf Power Genie range, it operates at a stable frequency and voltage within a range of +/-1% making it suitable for running sensitive electronic appliances including TV’s, computers, and even public address systems. The wolf generator also has a noise reduction system that ensures quieter operation than conventional generators.

The WPG2000 comes with an impressive power to weight ratio making it very portable – at 21kg it’s a comfortable 2 man lift. It also boasts low fuel consumption compared to traditional generators, and is made even more economical with addition of an “Econo” mode which enables it to idle when there is no power draw – a big potential fuel saver! This generator is also ideal for camping as it comes with a standard 12v leisure battery charging facility, and to this end it’s also ideal for boats, caravanning, domestic power back up and outdoor events.

By way of safety and self preservation the WPG2000 features an automatic power overload cutoff which protects the generator from potential overload.

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Inverter Generator

For those in need of a smaller output than the WPG2000, the WPG1200 could be your machine. Wolf’s inverter technology once again comes as a standard, producing an extremely stable frequency and voltage of + or -1%. It has an incredible power to weight ratio rendering it highly portable as most adults can lift the 15kg machine single handedly. It too incorporates automatic cut off for power overload for protection making the generator virtually indestructible when used regularly.

The WPG1200 comes complete with a recoil starter, a fitted system for overload protection and an automatic voltage regulator. It’s Wolf 4 Horsepower; four stroke gas engine produces a maximum power of 1.2kw and a continuous output of 1.0kw and an output voltage of 230v/12v.

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  • Small size and weight/Portability: The Relatively light weight Wolf inverter Generators are easy to carry around and ideal for outdoor activities. Their small size also makes them easy to store in tight compartments, such as the garage of a campervan, unlike bulky traditional generators.
  • Quiet Operation: Wolf inverter generators have been engineered to keep noise to a minimum. They can also throttle back under light loads reducing the noise further. This eliminates noise pollution, which can be a real problem in typical environments such as campsites.
  • Power Output quality: The incorporated Inverter technology ensures a stable power output at all times producing a high quality and cleaner energy than conventional units. Stable power output makes these generators useful for sensitive electronic appliances such as laptops, making them ideal for office or domestic use should the need arise.
  • Protection: wolf Generators come with a standard automatic power overload cut off which protects them from damage caused by overload faults. Guarding against overloads means that Wolf generators do not breakdown often, thus increasing their durability and cutting down maintenance costs.
  • 2 year warrenty


  • Limited Power Output: wolf Generators are only available in 1kw to 4kw models which limits their use in high demand operations, compared to traditional generators which typically have a broad range of power output due to varied voltage ratings. Low power output means you can’t use the generator to run high-draw equipment or the large loads associated with multiple appliances.
  • High Cost: While the prices of Wolf Generators have come down considerably in recent times, their sophisticated design and complex electronics still demand high retail costs.

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