Greenworks 30cm Cordless Chainsaw Review

There’s absolutely nothing holding back this innovative chainsaw. No starting stress, no cables, only efficiency and power in your control to assist you. From slicing logs for your firepit to felling small trees, the Greenworks cordless chainsaw is able to handle all types of wood and complete work in no time. Of course its striking visual appearance alone gives you clues about the innovations that lay under the skin of this saw. Intrigued? Read on!

Despite being effective for use on a regular basis, the performance and power output of the Greenworks chainsaw remains constant. If charged fully every time, the battery has the capacity to service 2000 cutting cycles. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, then imagine for a moment how many times you’re likely to use this in a year, perhaps once or twice? So you can quickly see that it will give you many many years of reliable service.

This chainsaw is all about sturdiness and high-quality, and as such offers you great value for money with its functional and incredible features. It’s got a chain and bar from the leading supplier, Oregon, and with a bar length of 30 cm and chain that’s tool free as far as tensioning is concerned, you’re free to you’ll be able to rock and roll any time any place with this chainsaw. It’s also well-balanced and has molded, well cushioned grips to offer comfort during use.

In terms of safety, there’s a hand guard fitted at the front to protect against kickback and chain derailing, and a lock off switch on the trailing handle to prevent accidental starting. The tool is also equipped with an electric start element, anti-vibration system, and a wrap-around bail handle – a positive handhold that enhances safety greatly.


• Reduced kickback occurrences thanks to innovative safety features
• Rear-handle lock off switch to eradicate accidental start-ups
• Battery has no memory effect and can be charged to full efficiency time and again
• Over-mold grips are cushioned to provide better leverage and comfort
• Automatic oiling system for optimal use and durability
• Does not emit fumes
• Requires minimum maintenance procedures, and is less noisy than petrol chainsaws


With this chainsaw from Greenworks you can be sure you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of petrol engines again, indeed you won’t have to deal with the smell, noise, and pollution associated with  petrol power, and you won’t have to pull a cord to start-up your chainsaw again, not to mention having to deal with regular maintenance requirements such as replacing air filters.

Needless to say then, Greenworks tools are ‘powered by innovation, not by petrol’, making this the chainsaw of choice for environmentally conscious, forward thinking gardeners.

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