Greenworks Tools 24″ Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer Review

This is one of several cordless hedge trimmers currently turning the whole industry on its head, gone are the days where being shackled to a power socket was the only option besides using a petrol trimmer. It’s perfect for people who have an extensive garden because you can move all around with it without the limitations that you would encounter with cabled hedge trimmers. Being a battery powered trimmer is not the only benefit that you’ll enjoy with the Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer. In many ways you have to use this trimmer to understand how it works and to feel how different it is from the other trimmers on the market. For example, consider the fact that it comes with a 180 degree rotating handle to offer you more options for trimming even from the most awkward positions. If you’re prepared to take our word for it, then rest assured that this is a really great feature that improves the versatility of the trimmer and makes it comfortable for just about anyone to use.

Here are the features:

• Weighs just 3.8 kg – this is way lighter as compared to many of its counterparts in the market, and pretty remarkable for a cordless hedge trimmer, although the battery will add additional weight
• It uses a high performance lithium ion battery that has an output of 40V and it does not lose memory after recharging battery
• It comes with a dual blade that measures 610mm in length, this is extensive for any trimmer and allows you to reach further than you could with most trimmer blades
• There is an aluminium rail cover for protection of the blade and for your safety during storage
• The rotating handle (180 degree) seals the deal with this trimmer because it allows you to trim comfortably and from any angle.
• Has a very comfortable handle that you can wrap your hand around, slip-free grip and a snug fit to an average palm.
• The see-through clear hand protection guard ensures that you see where you are trimming and that you keep the blade in line, whilst all the while protecting your hands and body
• Fade-free continuous power from the 40V battery

The pros

• Enjoy an easy comfortable grip with a slip free wraparound handle
• An extensive dual blade that is 610mm long
• The steel blade can chop through branches of up to 20mm thickness easily
• It is cordless, no entangling cables and you can move with it to the furthest end of the garden
• The 40 V battery is interchangeable with other Greenworks tools
• Easy to use and very safe, there is even a hand protection guard that is clear so as not to obstruct your vision when working

The cons

  • It is not sold with the battery and the charging cable. You will have to buy those two separately.


When it comes to large gardens, cordless Greenworks Tools 61cm 24”) 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer is a good investment. The fade-free battery will last long enough to get the job done, though of course you do have to buy this separately which lets things down a little, but overall we’re really impressed by this trimmer, Greenworks might be newbies to the garden tool world, but in many ways that gives them the advantage of fresh ideas and innovation that other companies have yet to catch up with.

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