Black & Decker 18V EGBL188K-GB Hammer Drill Review

If you’re looking for a hammer drill that doesn’t require mains power then the Black & Decker 18V drill is a solid choice. Equipped with the latest battery technology and stamped with the ever reliable Black & Decker name, lets look at what else this drill has to offer.

With its variable speed, two gears for high and low running speeds, and the ability for the battery to retain charge for over 90 days, this is a very smart investment for both tradesman and those who love to do their own repair tasks at home. This drill has a superior battery to many models – a lithium ion battery pack that charges quickly within 3 hours or so, and has no memory effect. As mentioned, you can leave it half charged for weeks on end, but the drill will function properly after this time with no negative effect on both the battery and the drill itself.

This type of drill is ideal for a home setting, and because it’s cordless, you’re able to manoeuvre around your working area with no restrictions. The trigger is intuitive to operate such that the speed of the drill is proportional to how hard you squeeze it. This feature is particularly useful for starting a pilot hole as it avoids the potential for the drill bit to go wildly skidding all over the place.

It is also a lightweight (2.7kg) tool making it easy for you to carry it around, hopefully reducing fatigue during prolonged use.


  • It is quick to charge and easy to use
  • Its versatility makes it good for any surface, and thanks to its hammer function, it works particularly well for masonry work
  • It is sturdily built to withstand drops – can be very useful at times!


  • The power is determined by how hard you press the trigger thus it could be a bit inconvenient in case of fatigue – your finger might lose the level of control you need after a while!
  • Some people with big hands say that the design favours people with smaller hands
  • The keyless chuck, while functional, isn’t the best. Some people have complained about this being a point of failure, however this might be down to them subjecting the drill to heavier duty use than it is designed for. In any case, remember that whilst it might be ok for lighter trade use, this is a domestic grade tool and should be treated as such
  • Hammer action is negliable to be honest. We’d only really recommend using it for masonry and jobs that require a hammer action if the job is very small/infrequent – again the keyless chuck could loosen due to the vibration


Drilling at home is usually an infrequent activity, so a drill that isn’t prone to malfunction if not used for some time is essential. It’s here that this particular drill really stands proud. However, its chuck system is not the best since several users have complained about it being loose, as is unfortunately often the way with keyless chucks, especially when using the hammer function. In general though, this is good tool, and you can rely on it working even after months of gathering dust at the bottom of your tool box, just avoid relying on it for masonry work as it might struggle or fail eventually.

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Black & Decker 18V EGBL188K-GB Hammer Drill
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