Bosch PSB 650 RE Hammer Drill Review

Looking at reviews for the Bosch PSB 650 RE online, the very first one we looked at pretty much summed it up in a nutshell: it does what they say it does on the tin, with maximum power and minimal noise. If you’re looking for a well-built, powerful hammer drill then the Bosch PSB 650 RE should be your first port of call. Its high level performance makes it ideal for the most demanding of drilling tasks.

A 650-watt motor makes this decidedly more powerful than most other drills, and there are two mechanisms used here: impact drilling, which is good for masonry, and rotary drilling suitable for wood, metal, steel and softer stone and plaster. The selector on top of this drill allows you to easily choose the mechanism appropriate for the material and surface you’re working on. In both modes it also operates in a forward and reverse direction. It’s just a matter of setting the mode to suit the direction you want your drilling to take.

Another really great feature on offer here is the optimized dust extraction port, which ensures dust free drilling. Take a look here to see if it might be something you’re interested in.

The drill also gives you an opportunity to preset the speed. That way, you’re able to work at a speed that both suits the job, and that you’re comfortable with.

The automated (press and lock) chuck makes changing of work pieces such as drilling bits easier than older chuck designs that required the use of a key. Locking the spindle is a matter of just pushing a button.

The depth stop enables you to choose a measurement that suits your drilling requirements. The drill’s soft grip ensures you have a better grip and control of the tool, thus you are assured of your safety when working.

Usability has certainly been well considered with this drill!

Pros of the Bosch PSB 650

  • It is a robust (strongly built) and compact (small and parts close together) tool
  • Highly versatile, can be used for a range of different drilling tasks
  • Dust free drilling if desired, enabling the fast removal of masonry dust and other waste material
  • Has a 4 meter cable and a hanger on the sleeve which ensures better storage and convenience of access when required
  • User’s safety and comfort is extremely well addressed

Any Cons?

  • It is more expensive than other equivalent models because of its improved features
  • Despite being one of the best available, the keyless chuck is not without fault compared to keyed versions
  • Some users have raised issues like the chuck having small jaws that cannot hold bits of a diameter less than 2mm. If you need to drill very small holes, a lighter duty drill such as a Dremel hobby drill might be more appropriate.


The Bosch PSB 650 RE drill, though expensive, is worth investing in considering its remarkable features. If you’re looking for a highly versatile and powerful drill then go for this one. Its performance is exemplary for all types of drilling, professional or otherwise.

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