Draper 20500 Hammer Drill Review

A powerful drill is a pre-requisite to the easy drilling of both very hard and moderately hard surfaces. It’s here that the Draper 20500 steps in to give you all the help you need.

The Draper 20500 is an excellent piece of engineering design and with the great British name of Draper behind it, you can be sure that quality is a given. From your perspective as the user, ergonomics have also been well addressed, the soft grip handle fits snugly in your hand making working with it not only easy, but comfortable as well.

The powerful 810 Watt motor makes the Draper 20500 a powerful tool that penetrates wood to a maximum depth of 25mm, mild steel 10mm and 13mm for tiles and other masonry. You’re also be able to vary your speed of drilling to whatever rate you want thanks to the speed control feature.

In the interests of being even more user friendly, a depth rod which enables you determine  how deep you want to get into a surface based on your needs. The 13mm chuck has a chuck key that allows you to securely tighten drill or screwdriver bits into the jaws. Whilst this is an older design to the modern ‘keyless’ chuck, many in the industry still swear by the older design, claiming that the security it offers to the drill bit can’t be beaten.

The forward and reverse facility on the drill is an important aspect that doesn’t limit the direction you want to take when drilling.

Being a mains powered drill is again an older idea, but if you want something that runs and runs, with no battery discharging to worry about, this is the tool for you.

The adjustable side handle clearly provides more comfort to the user than drills that don’t have one; and the flexibility takes care of fatigue and stress when drilling. You also have a guarantee in case the drill fails, giving you a sense of security should you slip in the process.

The Pros

  • Lightweight at just 2.1kg, far lighter than most battery drills
  • It is powerful thanks to its limitless mains power
  • The chuck key holds the bits more tightly than a keyless chuck and is easily tightened by hand using less force
  • Ensures the user’s comfort thanks to handle design
  • Flexibility, can be used to drill at all angles

The Cons

  • The risk of losing the chuck key stops your drilling, so you might need to be slightly more disciplined about keeping track of it!
  • Some users have complained about the reverse button falling off and the poor quality of the teeth on the chuck key and the drill which could be an area for concern over many years of use

This drill can be used professionally in your trade,  but is probably ideally suited to more occasional, amateur DIY use. The soft grip makes it comfortable to use and the manufacturer guarantee is also an added advantage. The concerns over the quality of the teeth on the chuck and key are valid, so with that in mind this shouldn’t be used all day every day without expecting wear and tear to present.

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