Silverline 265897 Hammer Drill Review

This is a hammer drill that kicks out 500 Watts of power during operation. It’s a compact, versatile and portable type of drill suitable for concrete, metal and wood drilling. With a fully adjustable side handle, it’s flexible enough to enable you switch positions when drilling, leaving you able to drill at whatever angle you wish. The forward and reverse trigger is an added advantage when you purchase this type of drill, taking a lot of the effort away from retracting the drill from the workpiece.

Silverline tools are affordable and well-known name in the world of light and heavy electric tools like drills, grinders and so on. True to their reputation of affordability versus whilst maintaining quality, they do not disappoint.

This drill also has a depth gauge that enables you to attain your preferred depth with the maximum depth for concrete being 16mm, 25mm for wood and 13mm for steel. It also has a lock-on button, which enables you to keep your drill running continuously. Thus, it reduces the fatigue of having to repetitively switch it on and off when working for long periods.

Those times when you want to work at your own pace, this model of hammer drills takes care of that because it has a variable speed control. You can easily change from slow to fast speed and vice versa. Its 1.9kg weight makes it easily portable thus you can carry it to whatever location you want.

If you’re the kind of person who always wants to be up to date, then the Silverline 265897 is here to serve you. The manufacturer left nothing to chance, having incorporated the latest technology in the designing of this drill. This goes hand-in-hand with the high quality and safety measures adhered to by all modern tool manufacturers.

When you purchase the Silverline drill, there is a  life guarantee for hand tools while for powertools you have a guarantee of 3 years. Therefore, in case your equipment fails to work,the manufacturer understands such events will sometimes happen, and you can get a replacement so long as your equipment falls within the stipulated warranty period

The more the technological advances the more the risks the environment faces. Therefore, companies today work hard to conserve the environment and the Silverline drill is fashioned to ensure the least, if any environmental pollution. The latest environmental standards are adhered to with the Silverline 265897.

The Silverline 265897 is great, no doubt about it. However, there have been a few complaints from customers about the drill including:

  • Sparking
  • Emission of smoke during drilling (the most complained about factor)
  • Less powerful when working on bricks and concrete due to the 500Watts feature

This is an ideal drill for metallic or wooden surfaces. However, if you want to work on concrete or brick, or you plan to carry out regular demanding work involving the drill, then go for a more powerful model.

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