Wolf 710 Hammer Drill Review

Drilling is a crucial part in building and construction as well as in interior decoratio and furniture production. Its an activity done at home, and a work. In short, it’s a key component in building the modern world. Thankfully for such an important activity there are a wide range of drills available, and one of the better models is the Wolf 710 hammer drill.

This drill has a powerful 710 Watt mains driven motor. The 2-metre long power cable is modest, so you might well need the help of an extension lead when using it for certain tasks. Heavy among its counterparts, this drill weighs 7kg, so you’ll need to be careful when operating it to avoid hurting yourself.

Despite its short comings, the Wolf 710 is quite sturdy, thus you’ll be able to work comfortably on tough materials and surfaces, generating dust and vibration, all without having to worry about the damn thing breaking or conking out. The keyless chuck saves you the struggle of having to always carry a key wherever you go to drill, however it also has the disadvantage of having less of a tight grip on the drill or screwdriver bit. None the less, the impact that this drill is able to take when hammering through masonry is a reassuring sign that it is indeed up to the job.

The drill is also more user friendly due to its soft grip, and thus takes care of your hands when drilling. The depth stop allows you to set the drill at the depth you want to achieve each time you drill a hole. Alongside this feature, it also has a variable speed control feature that enables you to drill at the pace you feel most comfortable with. It’s simply a matter of changing the setting on the speed control button.


  • A strong and powerful drill
  • User-friendliness is assured
  • A good impact drill particularly for masonry


  • It is heavier than most other equivalent drills
  • It is also larger, and thus takes up more storage space than other equivalent drills
  • Poor packaging is a complaint from some customers
  • It lacks the forward/reverse button which limits its flexibility

If you need a drill for drilling masonry then the Wolf 710 drill is great for this type of work as it really penetrates tough surfaces. The soft grip, depth stop and the variable speed control also ensure that your drilling is safer, easier and quicker. However, it’s fair to say this drill isn’t without its criticisms, be particularly careful as some users have complained about the fire risk that comes with this type of drill. The 7kg weight is also a major disadvantage that contributes to fatigue when working for long periods, so you should think carefully before buying this drill.

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