Black & Decker KX1650-GB Heat Gun Review

Seriously, who doesn’t know Black & Decker? Probably only likely if you have no interest in DIY whatsoever. As one of the most famous power tool names in the market Black & Decker rarely, if ever, disappoint. Whether you need to strip paint, varnish or adhesives, the Black & Decker KX1650-GB is the ideal too for the job. To get started, you only need to turn the heat on and that’s it, you’ll be good to go, no complications. It can be used by anyone.

With two temperature and airflow settings, work flexibility and control is guaranteed since you can comfortably use it in different applications. Working for long hours is no problem because its balanced ergonomic design ensures that it fits snugly into your hands, giving you a very comfortable grip. Did you know that it can also be used hands-free? Well it can, thanks to its built in stand.

Since it’s designed mainly for amateur users, the KX1650-GB has a range of features that makes it easy to use. For instance, depending on the type of paint, varnish or adhesive coating that you want to tackle, you can set the temperature accordingly, based on the 2 ranges starting at 460 and 6000 Celsius, the cooler of the two being more suited to delicate tasks. You don’t need any list of instructions to follow because its ready to use. Just rip open the box and start using it.

You can use this heat gun for a whole range of different tasks and not be disappointed. For example, you can use it to thaw out frozen pipes, loosen rusty or seized nuts, and dry freshly applied body filler on your car.


• Weighs just 0.8 k – no achey arms here!
• Alternate heat control useful when applied on delicate areas
• Cable is flexible and strong
• Can be used on a wide range of applications


• No guard for the nozzle and to be honest that compromises the safety of the user. Though it gets very hot, it is not covered and therefore you must be extra careful not to touch it.


The general thinking with this tool is that it’s ideal for any of the multitude of different taks that you might wish to throw at it. It’s true that the nozzle is dangerously exposed and some users are not happy with that, which is a fair comment, but you only need to be careful not to touch it while working. Otherwise, it gives good value for money.

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Black & Decker KX1650-GB Heat Gun
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