Einhell Hot Air Gun 2000 Review

If all you want is to get rid of old stubborn paint or remove labels and stickers, your perfect choice of hot air gun is the Einhell 2000 Watt model. It has 2 heat settings for different operations, and is also cheap, durable and well balanced. 

Since the manufacturers intended for it to be used by both professionals and untrained DIY enthusiasts, this heat gun is light and well balanced to minimize fatigue when you have to work for long hours, such as the familier scenario of using a heat gun on a large staircase with several layers of paints. Occasional users will also enjoy the same benefits, as they would find it hard to do their tasks well if the tool were not lightweight and balanced.

Fitted with 2 heat settings and supplied complete with several interchangeable heads, this tool makes your work more flexible, since these features allow you to select a head to suit the application at hand. This tool is also supplied complete with a storage box for easier and safer storage after you’re done using it. With proper care and maintenance, the Einhell Hot Air Gun should last decades.

How would you like to use this hot air gun? Maybe you’d like to be able to defrost water pipes? No problem using the Einhell 2000 for that, just make sure they are GI pipes only, and obviously not plastic water pipes! That said, you can use for reshaping plastic foils and bumpers, which is a very handy secondary use. Use it also for soldering, heating bitumen, stripping furniture off old paint and much more.


• Flexibility enhanced by offset nozzles
• Light and well balanced to fit all trade and home users
• Comes with a storage case and other accessories to ensure years of useful service
• Air flow is decent and handling is easy


• Gets extremely hot hence handling can become difficult
• Accessories fall off the unit easily


Overall, we can confidently say that you can’t go wrong with this tool whether the job you have is quick and simple or full on and heavy. Furthermore, it promotes the nature of saving not only because it is cheap but also because it has many uses and therefore you might make savings by not having to buy other tools such as scrapers and pipe formers. What’s more, it comes with several accessories, like extra nozzles, and therefore it saves you the cash you would have used to purchase them, unlike other heat guns on the market that aren’t so generous in their scope of supply. It’s true that it can get pretty hot but we would advice that you get yourself a good pair of heat reistant gloves if you know you will be using it for long periods of time.

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