Ryobi EHG2000 Heat Gun Review

Ryobi tools are at the higher end of the market, and their quality is always impressive, so if you need a heat gun for more than just the occasional bit of paint stripping, then the EHG2000 would definitely be worth your consideration.

Even though it’s expected that the price tag should always reflect what a particular tool can or cannot do, that rule doesn’t apply here because the Ryobi EHG2000 is relatively cheap, but none the less very effective. This makes it very appealing whether you’re a professional or amateur users.

Some features to look out for:

The Ryobi EHG2000 is fitted with an overheat protection sensor, so your safety is guaranteed because there’s no way the material being heated can get hot enough to combust, which will hopefully give you peace of mind as you work! This makes it particularly useful if you’re an inexperienced user, as initially you might be prone to burning things, particularly when using the gun to reshape dented car bumpers and so forth.

In keeping with the spirit of being a tool that’s suitable for all users, particularly for extended periods of time, this hot air heat gun is fitted with grip Zone Technology to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout a session of use. With 2 airflow settings and a removable front heat shield, the range and type of tasks you’ll be able to tackle is vastly increased.


  • Highly versatile tool suitable for everything from deforming plastics, to stripping paint
  • User comfort is well considered with adjustable, easy to use settings
  • Satisfies both professionals and amateur users thanks to high performance, error minimising design
  • Exceptionally quick to get up to temperature


  • Doesn’t come with accessories, such as different nozzles, so on its own it’s not as good for channelling heat in narrow spaces as those heat guns that do come with additional nozzles


It looks great, feels comfortable, and performs well, so we can’t really fault this heat gun. It’s true that some users feel its accessories are too expensive, and we can’t deny this is the case, but in many ways that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with high quality tools. The fact that this will last longer than cheaper alternatives probably justifies the price of accessory items alone, and you can always buy additional nozzles as and when you have a need for them.

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