Trueshopping Hot Air Gun Review

trueshopping heat gun

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful heat gun, you’ve come to the right place, the Trueshopping Hot Air Gun is the perfect tool to heat materials in all manner of light DIY tasks, and all at a price that makes this a very low risk investment, perfect if you only need a heat gun for a one off job or very occasional use.

With an adjustable temperature control, you can easily strip paints from whatever surface you’re working on, soften sealant to help remove floor tiles, loosen nuts and bolts and even thaw frozen water pipes, all without burning anything in the process. What’s more you won’t struggle to reach tighter corners and other ‘hard-to-reach’ areas because this heat gun comes with several removable nozzles to enable you to direct heat more effectively.

The Trueshopping Heat gun comes with many features, but perhaps the most note worthy are the different heat settings because different applications clearly require different temperatures. Whether you just want to strip old paint from the nursery you decorated last year, or 25 year old paint from your very tired looking kitchen, this heat gun is just the tool you need, kicking out just the right amount of heat almost instantly. Just turn it on and off you go. The temperature range varies from between 60 to 550 degrees Celsius, a respectable level of heat, and more than enough for most jobs.


  • Wide range of temperature adjustment
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Excellent selection of nozzle attachments to suit a range of tasks


  • Has been known to overheat when used for many hours at a time, so regular breaks are recommended
  • Attachments are fragile and tend to become loose when in use


This hot air  gun is an ideal choice for light DIY work within the confines of your home, but if you need something for trade use you should look elsewhere since this isn’t designed for the rigour of heavy duty use. Again, for occasional light use, you won’t go wrong, and even if you do find this breaks after several years, it will probably still be more cost effective for you to simply buy a new one, rather than buy a more expensive model in the first place.

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