How to Choose a Boiler For Heating and Hot Water

As we move through autumn, the nights grow longer and colder. This means your heating system should begin to work for several months in a row. If you think its time for your old boiler to retire, how do you go about selecting the right boiler for your heating system?

Answer a List of Questions

Buying a new boiler involves much more than determining the features and specifications you want and then matching the specs and features with a new boiler. You should answer the following questions:

  • What is the type of heating system in my home?
  • What type of fuel goes into the new boiler?
  • Do I want a wall or floor mounted boiler?
  • Where do I want to locate the boiler?
  • What size boiler does my home require?
  • Must I replace the old boiler or the complete central heating system?

The most important question might be “Who should I hire to install my new boiler.”

How Do I Find a Dependable Heating Engineer?

Homeowners living in the United Kingdom must follow the law and hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer to install a new boiler. Hiring a Gas Safe Registered engineer gives you the peace of mind that the new boiler operates safely. If you decide to cut cost corners and hire an unregistered heating engineer, you not only risk your health, but you also risk losing your home insurance. Ask for the Gas Safe registration number of any heating engineer you consider for installing a new boiler in your home.

How a Heating Engineer Helps You

A Gas Safe Registered heating engineer provides you with the answers to most of the questions listed above. The heating engineer calculates the sizes of your rooms and then determines optimal heat production. Moreover, certified heating engineers know where to install new boilers to maximize efficiency. Your installer determines whether a wall or floor mounted boiler works best for the layout of your home. Finally, the Gas Safe Registered heating engineer provides advice on whether you should replace only the boiler or the entire heating system.

How to choose a boiler for your heating and hot water represents one of the few home improvement projects that you should outsource to a certified heating engineer. Trying to install a boiler yourself can lead to tragic consequences, or at the very least, a costly mistake.

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