A Guide to Different Types of TV Bracket

TV brackets provide several benefits for do it yourself homeowners, with saving living room space at the top of the list. The multi-purpose brackets can also alter the viewing angle of a television. Some homeowners insert decorative TV brackets into living room walls to enhance the interior décor.

With all of the benefits provided by TV brackets, it’s important for you to understand the different types of TV brackets to make an informed purchasing decision.

Tilting TV Brackets

Tilting TV brackets work best for people that don’t require movement flexibility for their televisions. The highly durable tilting TV brackets typically mount into walls for television installations that mount higher than the seats from where you watch your favorite shows. A vast majority of TV brackets stick out about three inches from the wall to give you plenty of room to mount non-flat screen televisions.

Tilt and Swivel TV Brackets

This type of TV bracket works best for mounting LCD television sets at or below 32 inches in size. The wall mounted brackets tilt up and down to a span of 15 degrees, while also possessing the capability of rotating 360 degrees. Movement flexibility offers a large room of your friends and family members clear viewing access. Tilt and swivel TV brackets also expand to a size up to 20 inches away from a living room wall.

Flush TV Brackets

Flush TV brackets offer you the easiest TV brackets to mount in your bedroom or living room. These brackets represent the ideal option for homeowners that want their television sets to remain in fixed positions on a wall. Virtually all flush TV brackets hold televisions in a fixed position about an inch away from a wall. Flush TV brackets secure televisions of all sizes. Movable TV brackets have television size and weight restrictions.

Ceiling TV Brackets

You mount ceiling TV brackets the same way that you mount tilt TV brackets. However, ceiling TV brackets don’t offer movement flexibility. Businesses such as grocery stores and restaurants make the best fit for ceiling TV brackets due to the lack of wall space to hang other types of TV brackets. Ceiling TV brackets also work great for fitness centers and nightclubs.

Cantilever Arm TV Brackets

This flexible TV bracket serves multiple purposes in both homes and businesses. The flexible bracket easily supports all sizes of televisions. You use the bracket to mount a huge flat screen television in your living room and insert the brackets into a bedroom wall to mount a small LCD television set. Hassle free installation makes cantilever arm TV brackets the perfect choice for do it yourself homeowners.


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