Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

Renovating the kitchen need not cost an arm or a leg if you find out exactly what is required and what’s available on the market within your budget. The market is constantly evolving with the best kitchen design trends to win over your fashion conscious heart.

Broad themes are evidently surfacing for kitchen designs this year. If you so wish you can have a field day checking out potential ideas that could transform your kitchen.

1. Pale Palette Colour Schemes

Market experts predict light neutral colours to be a strong favourite with 2016 kitchen designs. You can enjoy comforting white, grey, beige or off-white kitchen design palettes, especially with cabinetry, while slightly darker counter tops and flooring may perfectly compliment the lighter tones.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen fixtures are highly popular, and largely timeless. Home owners prefer the hardy durability of steel kitchen components for greater cost saving and convenience. Moreover, steel kitchen designs are also quite adaptable, fitting in well with other non-steel components.

3. Floor Fashion Design

Some home owners may design their kitchen based on the type of flooring they put into their kitchen. This is a popular trend, with hardwood flooring in particular being the preferred material. Good kitchen designers are skilled at drawing up the smartest kitchens going, working with the floor as a canvas to build from.

5. The Latest Lighting Design

As lighting technology evolves, dynamic LED-based kitchen lighting designs are becoming increasingly more popular, where advanced lighting designs offer a greater level of sophistication to compliment bold kitchen styles

6. Counter Intelligence in Kitchen Design

Counter tops form the centrepiece of a kitchen; this makes them critical components in any kitchen design. Hence, natural or cultured stone counters with quartz, marble and granite are gracing kitchens more and more often in this day and age.

7. Personalized Design

There’s no competition with a personalized design, it can’t be beaten as far as originality goes. Consumers are exercising their creative juices, leading the trend on kitchen designs, effectively taking on the role of kitchen designer themselves. You too can do the same thanks to widely available tools and resources on the internet.

So what are you waiting for?


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