The Best Sprinklers 2020

A lush and rich lawn needs constant care. However, most of us simply don’t have the time (nor the patience, honestly) to grab a hose and go plant to plant, watering everything meticulously. Luckily there are sprinklers. These nifty little things will do the heavy lifting for us, leaving a vivacious, beautiful and well-watered lawn.

If you have a need for one of these thingies, we’ve got you covered. This list will present you with the top four sprinklers for garden on the market, and a tiny guide that will explain the inner workings of the sprinklers.

A few things you need to know…

Before we go ahead and introduce the best sprinklers for new turf you’ve just laid down, we have to say something about the sprinklers in general. Before you start your research, you need to figure out an answer to these five questions:

  • How big is your turf/garden?
  • Does a specific area of your garden need watering?
  • What is the type of the soil underneath your turf/garden?
  • Is your lawn/garden of irregular shape, is it flat or sloped?
  • Do you need a sprinkler for a non-turfed area, and does the water need constant irrigation in the form of water dripping directly into the soil?

From this, we see that everything about your garden determines the sprinkler you will buy. If your soil is sandy, you will have to provide more water. If you have flowerbeds, you may choose to get drip type sprinklers, which can localize the irrigation, and have a longer reach.

Here, we already revealed one of sprinkler types. This is the second thing you need to consider when buying a sprinkler. Here are the six types of sprinklers you are most likely come across:

  1. Spray sprinkler systems are the best choice of sprinkler if you’ve a medium-sized garden. They can also be used in smaller flower beds and vegetable patches. They’re best used with sandy soil and they let you put a limit on the amount of water used.
  2. Rotor head sprinklers send out continuous streams of water. They’re best sprinklers for large lawns and are often seen in commercial use.
  3. Drip systems are made up of hoses and tubes with small holes in them. They constantly drip water directly into the ground. They’re the best sprinkler system for a garden, as they provide constant and direct irrigation.
  4. Standing/spike sprinklers are some of the cheapest products on the market. The cheapest ones are mounted on a spike. However, more expensive models come mounted on tripods that can be adjusted, allowing you to control the ground covered by a stream. Good for watering tall plants.
  5. Oscillating sprinklers send out individual water jets and can use a pulse or spray pattern. They’re best used with small to medium lawns and turfs.
  6. Traveling sprinklers are self-propelled and move along the length of your hose. They’re best used on large areas.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get on with the reviews.

Oasis Ahead Lawn Sprinkler K-200 Review

Our first product comes from one of the best sprinkler brands on the market. Oasis Ahead K-200 is a superb product, delivering excellent performance every time you field it. Wide range allows this rotary type sprinkler to cover a wide area with ease, but it can work well on medium turfs as well.

This excellent sprinkler can be used for anything and everything. Whether your flowerbed needs watering, or your lawn or you just want to cool down the hot surfaces, this sprinkler can handle it. The sprinkler is very easy to set up, and you can set the angle from 0 to 360 degrees. There is also a shutoff valve that you can use to stop the water from running without having to go all the way to the tap.

Like we said, this sprinkler has a very wide range. K-200 can be used on medium to large lawns, and it can cover an area of 4000-6000 square feet. Naturally, the ultimate range of the sprinkler will be determined by your water pressure and some other external factors.

This sprinkler is built to last. Made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, K-200 guarantees you long service life. The base is made of metal for increased stability so the device doesn’t flip which might be a common concern for people with dogs. The device also has rubber grips on each side. The sprinkler also comes with a 60-day guaranteed money back guarantee in case you don’t fancy it, or it doesn’t fit your needs for whatever reason.

But the best part about this sprinkler is that it has a multiple-sprinkler connectivity. The product features a connector thread on the base. This connector thread allows you to connect several sprinklers, one on top of each other. If you’ve got a huge garden, this will be a splendid addition for you, as you’ll be able to cover incredibly large portions of space. With one covering up to 6000 square feet, it will be hard to find a lawn large enough that K-200 can’t cover.

Lastly, it should be noted that, for all the features you get with this sprinkler, the K-200 is pretty affordable. Off Amazon, you can get this product for about 20 quid, and it will be shipped to you for free.

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Quantum Garden – Compact Oscillating Sprinkler ECO-2813 Review

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad, and this is certainly the case with Quantum Garden’s Compact Oscillating Sprinkler. For just about £11 you can become a proud owner of one of the best oscillating sprinklers on the market. Quantum Garden delivers splendid spread and excellent durability at a nominal price.

One of the best sides of this product is that it is hose lock compatible, and all you need to do is clip the hose on, and you’re ready to go. This reduces greatly the setup time, thanks to its very simple and intuitive design. The only thing is that these hose locks aren’t as sturdy as they’re made out to be, and often stop working properly after some time.

When it comes to maintenance, Quantum Garden has again made it easy for you to perform this duty. The product has a little sprinkler hole-cleaning accessory, locked safely on the opposite end of the hose connector, that you can twist and pull out. This hole cleaner has a tiny plastic needle that you can insert into the holes and unclog them if they’re blocked.

As for the range of the sprinkler, the Quantum Garden is best used on medium sized lawns and gardens. It has a fairly good range, which can be easily and neatly adjusted too. As you know, oscillating sprinklers move in a metronome-like pattern, and this pattern can be changed. Quantum Garden has two plastic sliders that each control how far will the sprinkler go from one side to the other. If for example, you only want the sprinkler to spray the water to the left, you can set the right slider to be in an upright position, and the sprinkler will stop at a 90-degree angle, stopping the stream from falling to the right.

But the best results will come if you combine this sprinkler with the Kingfisher electronic water timer. This is one of the best sprinkler timers on the market, as it is accurate, adaptable and reliable. The timer works on batteries and is very easy to program using the two dials. It provides you with up to 24 cycles per day. It is also compatible with almost all brands of hose fittings, so no worries there. It costs about £13 off Amazon, making the entire set cost about £24, which is still quite affordable.

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Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro Review

The Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro looks like something out of a toy box, but, believe us, this is one of the best sprinklers on the market. This powerful sprinkler can cover a lot of ground despite its small size and can be adjusted to water lawns with its powerful jet spray, or seedlings with its much finer spray.

The pod-like design of the product allows you to set it to spray in a full circle or cover only a portion of it.  Each of the two sides has 5 jets, and you can adjust the spray patterns using the red dials located underneath the jets, on the body of the pod. Like we said, the sprinkler is exceedingly powerful and can cover an area of 314m2 or an area of 20 meters in diameter. Again, there is a setting for finer watering jobs, such as watering seedlings or watering a greenhouse.

But, what makes this sprinkler stand out is its water powered motor. This motor allows the device to operate regardless of the water pressure. Be it 1 or 10 bars, the sprinkler will work at 100% efficiency, and always give its maximum, making it the best sprinkler for low water pressure.

One more curious thing about this tiny sprinkler is that it can be fitted on two bases. The first, and standard, one is the sled. The sled is nice and wide, and very stable. The sled is stable enough to let you place the sprinkler on uneven ground, and it won’t topple. And if you don’t trust the sled, you can put the sprinkler on the spike. The spike will not only add to the stability of the whole setup, but it will also elevate the sprinkler, giving you additional spread, and allows you to water taller plants too.

As for the price, you won’t pay much more than what you would pay for the Quantum Garden-Kingfisher combo. The sprinkler costs about £25 if you buy the sled version, which is only one sovereign more than the combo. If you, however, go with the spike, you’ll be able to shave about £9 off.

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Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler – OS 5.320SV Review

Our last item for today is the Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler. This is our second oscillating sprinkler, and one of the best, and the most expensive, around. It is powerful and robust, as well as stable and incredibly controllable.

Of all the items on our list, Kärcher has the second widest range. Coming second behind Oasis Ahead Sprinkler, Kärcher can cover an area of 320 square meters. However, the sprinkler has a very simple spray control system, the kind we’ve seen already on Quantum Gardener – two plastic sliders allow you to set the extremes of the movement of the sprinkler. Like before, this controls the range of the spray or excludes one side completely.

Kärcher has one more interesting features when it comes to the spray control. This sprinkler allows you to manually close off individual jets. This enables you to target water individual flowerbeds or parts of your lawn. Just like Quantum Gardener, Kärcher too has the hole cleaner embedded in the side of the sprinkler, opposite to the hose connector.

Oscillating sprinklers of this kind are not very well known for their ability to stay still on uneven surfaces. However, Kärcher is different. The sprinkler features foldable hooks on the underside that will anchor the thing firmly into the ground.

Kärcher is one of the most durable sprinklers on the market. The item has been built of high-quality plastic and is quite heavy. As you know, the part that breaks most often is the hose connector. However, with Kärcher, this is not a problem, and the connector should hold fast for some quite a few seasons.

Lastly, there is the matter of price. Like we mentioned, this is the most expensive of products on our list, and it costs about £32. This might be a bit much to pay for an oscillating sprinkler (even more when you remember that the entire Quantum Garden combo costs only £25), but, with all the features you get with it, it’s definitely worth it.

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And there you have it, four of the best sprinklers. Some cost more, some less, but they’re all adept at watering your garden properly. One of them even combines splendidly with Kingfisher, one of the best sprinkler controllers, while Hozelock works superbly with low water pressure. Either way, it’s up to you now to select the product that caters the best to your needs.

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