The Heat is on: New Home Heating Methods


Central heating systems keep us warm during typical cold and moist winters in the United Kingdom. Yet, central heating systems cost a considerable amount of money to operate and maintain. In addition, central heating systems take a significant toll on the environment, especially in the form of noxious gas emissions.

With advanced technology creating alternative methods for heating your home, the time has come to explore new innovative home heating methods.

Inverter Heat Pumps

The dual purpose mechanisms both heat and cool rooms inside of your home. With a savings of more than 70%, inverter heat pumps move warm air around, instead of producing heat from gas or electrical charges. Make sure to consult with an inverter heat pump expert to ensure you purchase the right unit for your home. Inverter heat pumps also include air filters that remove allergy-causing particles from your home.

Dehumidify Your Home

Moist air requires a lot more energy to heat than the energy required to heat dry air. Water develops in hot air, which makes it more costly to heat your home during the colder months of the year. Any mechanism that removes humidity from the air helps improve the performance of a home heating unit. For example, small solar panels do a great job generating warm, dry air and removing cold, moist air. Solar panels fit easily on or along the sides of most homes in the United Kingdom and the best part are solar panels don’t require electrical connections.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters represent the most efficient innovative way to heat a home because the units directly heat objects, instead of just warming the air. Standard central heating units move warm air from sources located on the walls, floor, and ceiling of your home. The process takes times and money, which makes an infrared heater a more efficient home heating unit. Infrared heaters come in a wide variety of shapes and colours to integrate seamlessly with your room décor. You can place an infrared heater behind a mirror or couch for the ultimate in portability.

We all know that British winters bring a healthy does of cold, damp weather. Our central heating units work overtime to keep us warm, yet the units cost a lot of money to operate and maintain. Homeowners in the United Kingdom now have alternative methods for heating their homes that perform more efficiently and most important, reduce monthly energy bills.



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