Makita DCM500Z Coffee Maker Review

Keen to be the ultimate force on every jobsite Makita have branched out about as far as you would expect any tool manufacturer to go by developing, of all things, a coffee maker!

Besides being ideal for making sure you stay refreshed during your tea and lunch breaks, the really great thing about this item is its ability to run on the same 18V lithium ion battery as many other Makita tools.

Whilst it’s not the first coffee machine to be targeted towards tradespeople, with the Coffeeboxx coffee maker taking that title. However besides the obvious similarities in terms of target market and ruggedized aesthetics, the Makita is a totally different beast largely because it is cordless, and also because you aren’t reliant on using coffee pods thanks to its integrated permanent filter. Some people prefer pods because of the conveniance factor, although there’s a massive cost saving with using bog standard ground coffee.

Under the power of the aforementioned 18V lithium battery, the DCM500Z is capable of brewing up a single cup of coffee in just 7 minutes. Using mains AC this jumps to 3 minutes. Whilst it’s a compact tool at just 22cm high, you should be aware that the battery itself won’t sit snugly within the body of the coffee maker, instead it has a short lead to connect to the battery. Not particularly elegant, but hey it’s functional!

A cordless coffee maker is always going to be a winner among workers, particularly those who work outdoors in all weather. It’s bound to be a great morale booster, and asset to productivity, and it also means that if mains power isn’t yet installed on site you don’t need to go thirsty because of it. Unfortunately the 18V lithium ion battery isn’t included, but that won’t be an issue if you already have a selection of Makita tools that you can borrow one from at tea time.

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