One Size Doesn’t Fit All: UK Bed & Bedding Sizes


You might choose not to pay much attention to bed and bedding sizes, but the indifference suddenly changes whenever you find your feet dangling over the side of a bed. In the United Kingdom, you have several bed and bedding sizes to consider, before making an informed purchase that delivers the ultimate good night’s sleep.

The mattress, pillow, and bed base must all seamlessly match in size. This sounds like an easy to accomplish mission, but the fact remains that British bedding shops typically don’t offer all three of the same bedding sizes. You might have to stop by one shop to pick up a properly sized mattress and then visit another shop to find the right size pillow to match the mattress size.

Shopping for the correct size bedding requires United Kingdom consumers to perform a little research. Well, we have created this page for your one stop bedding research center.

Overview of Bedding Sizes

UK consumers know about the common bed and bedding names: single, double, queen, king, and super king. However, the same bed and bedding name sizes apply throughout Europe and the United States, yet with different size meanings. Make sure you shop for bed sizes posted for UK consumers. Many bed and bedding companies do a terrible job of educating you about the size differences for the same terms.

To size your bed for an empty room properly, start by providing ample room (around 60 centimetres) to walk around the bed. Many bedding experts recommend more than 90 centrimetres of space, which allows you to change sheets and pillowcases easily. The smart buy involves purchasing a mattress and bed base from the same retailer, but we’ve already mentioned that some shops don’t carry mattresses and bed bases that match in size.

Single Bedding Sizes

Single and twin beds work great for children, as well as spare beds for guests that stay in your home for a short period. Single mattresses in the United Kingdom measure between 90 and 190 centimetres, with the smaller size single mattresses more appropriate for children. In the United States, single mattresses measure from 99 to 191 centimetres. For the rest of Europe single mattresses run as long as 200 centimetres.

Double Bedding Sizes

Outside of the UK in the rest of Europe, double bedding sizes measure between 140 and 200 centimetres. The difference between continental Europe and UK double bedding sizes is significant, as UK double bedding sizes start at 137 centimetres and run to only 191 centimetres. UK and United States double bedding sizes nearly match. If you want a double mattress to conform for a unique bed base, you should consider buying a UK double mattress. Some United Kingdom shops offer small double size mattresses and bed bases that run from 120 to 190 centimetres.

Queen, King, and Super King Bedding Sizes

Queen size mattress sizes are exactly the same in United States and United Kingdom, at 150 by 200 centimetres. The width of European queen size mattresses measure 160 centimetres. Surprisingly, the width of king size mattresses throughout Europe measure 160 centimetres as well. King size mattresses in the United Kingdom measure 150 by 200 centimetres, while in the United States, king size mattresses span 193 by 203 centimetres. King size mattresses in the United States are much wider than the width of king size mattresses sold in Europe. British super king mattresses run 180 centimetres wide and 200 centimetres long.

What about Pillows?

The range of pillow sizes throughout the world has more consistency than the range of mattress sizes. In both the United Kingdom and United States, the standard pillow size measures 50 by 70 centimetres. Outside of the UK in Europe, consumers have four pillow size options, with the largest size range covering 65 by 100 centimetres. If you want variety in pillow sizes, search for European manufactured pillows to match your buying criteria.

What Do the Manufacturers Sell?

Bedstar offers UK consumers a one stop shopping experience for mattresses and bed bases of all UK sizes. However, the company doesn’t sell bedding, such as sheets and blankets. M & S offers only standard UK size mattresses and bed bases, which means you can’t find unique single, double, and queen size mattresses and bed bases. IKEA represents the best bedding option, as the company offers all UK bedding sizes both online and in shops.

Many bedding manufacturers offer custom designed mattresses, bed bases, and other bedding components. The best way to find custom designed bedding is to go online to merchant websites and input the unique dimensions that you want for your new bed. Consumers should expect longer waiting periods for custom made beds and bedding supplies. Moreover, UK custom made beds tend to cost more than the cost of standard UK beds.


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