Panansonic Power Tools Reviewed

Panasonic Power Tools

Panasonic is a brand name heard around the world. There’s a good chance that even cavemen and cavewomen heard of Panasonic audio and video consumer electronics products: LCD televisions of all sizes, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereo equipment like amplifiers, receivers, CD players, tuners, etc. In addition, hobbyists would know of Panasonic digital cameras, Toughbook laptops, generic and high-end electronic parts, and yes, Panasonic power tools.

The Panasonic brand has been around since 1955. It’s known for not just electronics but all sorts of electrical gear. The marketing slogan of “A Better Life, A Better World” is a giveaway that Panasonic takes their power tools seriously, because if you’re a handyman of a certain skill level, can you imagine a better life or a better world without awesome power tools?

At this point we’re supposed to launch into a debate of cordless versus corded power tools. Nothing beats the convenience and portability of cordless power tools but the macho arguments are all in favor of corded power tools, more powerful and durable and manly… or you can just go with Panasonic cordless power tools which are the best of both worlds.

Tough Cordless Power Tools

With over 30 years of experience in cordless power tools, Panasonic’s latest lineup is their best and most advanced yet. Panasonic’s four primary design principles have remained constant through the years: cordless portability, power, lightweight toughness, and ergonomics. High-torque brushless motor (on the new generation of drills and impact drivers) and high-voltage Li-ion battery have boosted power and performance to approach the levels of the best corded power tools. The cordless drills, impact drivers, saws and grinders are versatile dual voltage at 14.4V and 18V, and the professional-grade rotary hammers run at as high as 28.8V.

The other Achilles heels of cordless power tools, battery deterioration and constant recharge, have been taken care of as well. Panasonic’s latest generation of Li-ion battery packs are long-lasting and deliver constant high performance. These Li-ion battery packs (available at up to 5.0Ah) feature more working capacity per charge than the previous models. Cordless power tools no longer have to feel weaker and weaker with every use after charging. These Panasonic cordless power tools keep up the high performance until the battery pack is drained. The usable charging time is as low as 35 minutes (and just 15 minutes for the power screwdriver).

These compact powerful tools are extremely well-built, ergonomically stylish, light but yet solid. Each of them has the look of a very serious power tool, and most of all, it will feel and work as such in your hand.

Panasonic EY7410LA2S31 3.6V Power Screwdriver Review

3.6V Li-Ion Screwdriver for Assembly Work and Technicians

This review is for one of the smaller power tools, the Panasonic EY7410 cordless power screwdriver. While others might question why would anybody need a power screwdriver when a light-duty drill or a set of good screwdrivers would do, the fact is the Panasonic EY7410 can work as a light-duty drill with a maximum torque of 4.4Nm and it is absolutely indispensable for electricians, assembly workers, service technicians, and others who demand speed and precision on the job.

Knowing how critical the work can be, Panasonic included two battery packs with the EY7410 power screwdriver. The battery pack is EY9L 10B, their latest 3.6V Li-ion battery pack with 1.5Ah capacity. Besides staying strong for longer durations, it is faster charging and 40% lighter than the old nickel batteries. The battery pack is usable after just 15 minutes of charging (fully charged in 30 minutes). The manufacturer-rated battery life with normal use is a cool 8 years.

The EY7410 packs more than enough punch for any screw/bolt tightening and loosening and it can also be used as a light-duty drill for driving screws into wood. You’ll be impressed with its power and effortlessness. Behind the capability are motors that utilize high-power magnets and heat-resistant brushes. To top it all off, built-in cooling fans ensure the tool’s ruggedness and reliability from extended uses.

How compact is it? This power screwdriver has a diameter of only 1.8-inch. The length is as short as 5.8-inch with the handle in the crease position, and still a petite 11.1-inch extended in the stick position. Anything smaller and we’d be in miniature tools territory.


  • Compact design with adjustable handle for reach and ease of use in tight and hard-to-reach places.
  • This is lightweight power tool at only 1.1 pounds with the battery pack installed.
  • Includes two 3.6V Li-ion battery packs (1.5Ah capacity each).
  • Equipped with dual-speed gearbox: Low at 200 rpm and High at 600 rpm.
  • 21-stage clutch with auto shut-off.
  • The chuck is a quick-connect ¼” hex.
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber grip.
  • Built-in LED light: immeasurably useful in the dark. It’s like a light-up keyboard on a laptop. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll never want to do without it.
  • Includes standard EYOL10 charger.
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • As compact and lightweight as the EY7410 is, it’s not small enough for working inside the chassis of smaller appliances and electronic components.
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Panasonic EY7880LP2C31 28.8V Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Feel the Power of This 28.8V Panasonic SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

As if the concrete drilling ability of rotary hammers isn’t legendary enough, there are so many shootouts on YouTube of rotary hammers versus hammer drills to prove the point beyond a doubt. On the other hand, the comparisons between corded and cordless rotary hammers are rather vague and not as conclusive. Will battery power ever make the cut for a rotary hammer? There’s no question when it comes to the 28.8V Panasonic EY7880LP2.

The Panasonic EY7880LP2 is a dual function rotary hammer and drill & driver. It comes with two new generation Panasonic 28.8V P-type Li-ion battery packs rated at 3.0Ah. There’s a rotary switch to toggle between hammering and drilling modes, and another switch for Hard or Soft in hammering mode, and Slow or High speed when in drilling mode to suit the material.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more compact and lighter rotary hammer of this level of performance. Moreover, the EY7880LP2 rotary hammer drill features advanced air-cooled design for the entire gear case including the hammer and gears that are prone to get hot when the tool is in use. This rotary hammer is also built with Panasonic’s Tough Tool IP technology to withstand impact, dust and water. This is one cordless rotary hammer that you can put to the test of serial drilling in tough environment.


  • Capable of drilling into concrete and masonry holes as big as 1-inch in diameter.
  • It’s the force that matters in hammering mode and this one delivers 23.6 kN.
  • Variable speed control (reversible) in drilling mode.
  • Runs on dual voltage, either 18V or 28.8V Panasonic Li-ion battery pack.
  • Built with Tough Tool IP technology.
  • Comes with 2x long-lasting 28.8V Li-ion battery packs of 3.0Ah capacity.
  • Usable battery charge time with the accompanied battery charger EY0L82B is 60 minutes, and 80 minutes for a full charge.
  • New advanced battery designs include: overheat protection sensor, over-discharge prevention, individual monitoring of battery cell voltage, battery capacity indicator, proprietary NNP technology, heat resistance layer.
  • Comes with auxiliary 360-degree side-handle with depth gauge.
  • The drill chuck is ¾” SDS-plus.
  • Safety features include electric brake, vibration damping rubber grip, LED light.
  • Weighs only 8.5 pounds including battery pack.
  • The factory warranty is 2 years on the power tool and 1 year on the battery packs.


  • It’s a bit on the expensive side, but you’ll get what you pay for.
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Panasonic EYC215PN2G31 18V Cordless Power Drill/Impact Driver Combo Review

Panasonic Combo of Power and Toughness

The first things you’ll notice about this Panasonic cordless combo of EY74A2 power drill and EY75A7 impact driver are how compact each of them is and the striking carbon fiber look. Both power tools and even the carrying case look as if they’ll make it in the roughest environment. The drill and the impact driver are both designed with Panasonic’s Tough Tool IP technology to be able to withstand impact, resist water, and keep out dust and debris.

Each power tool comes with a new and improved Panasonic 18V P-Type Li-ion battery pack. The 3.0Ah battery pack is long lasting and delivers great working capacity without noticeable drop-off per charge. Additional battery packs are available at a lighter weight 2.0Ah and an even longer-lasting 5.0Ah super capacity.

With the battery pack neither the drill nor the even more compact impact driver is not that light anymore, which is true for all cordless power tools. But wait till you put either one of them in your hand. The tool feels like nothing at all and you’ll love the sure grip, thanks to its perfect weight distribution and ergonomic design.

At work, the Panasonic cordless drill and impact driver are always handy and up to the task, which you’d expect for they are among the best compact power tools of their class. The new brushless motor delivers higher torque in a smaller size, which leads to the impact driver being the shortest in the world, yet insanely powerful at a maximum torque of 160Nm at 18V (just as impressive 50Nm for the drill). Without brushes and rotor, the well-known advantage of a brushless motor is enhanced reliability and durability, and in the case of the Panasonic brushless motor, it is rated at double the life cycles of its brushed counterpart.


  • These are cordless heavy-duty tools.
  • Precision variable speed control (3 speeds, reversible) for all types of task, including a self-drilling mode.
  • “Smooth Start” electronic control allows precise drilling and driving screws.
  • Dual voltage (14.4V or 18V) flexibility.
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery pack with low downtime (45-minute charge time).
  • Durable hybrid switch and trigger with metal parts.
  • Proven longer service life with redesigned anvil, ultra-hard chuck jaw tips, and other impact parts.
  • Changing bits is a breeze with the new tapered bit holder.
  • Safety features include an electric brake, non-slip handle, LED light.
  • 2-year warranty on the power tool, 1-year on the battery pack.


  • The price of this set of premium power tools is also at a premium.
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Panasonic EY4550X31 18V Cordless Jigsaw Review

Introducing a Primetime Cordless Power Jigsaw

Normally my philosophy regarding whether or not to go cordless for any power tool is the desired convenience. For example, a drill should be cordless since I’ll need it everywhere, but saws stay in the garage so they might as well be corded and more powerful, not to mention relatively cheaper. And if I ever needed a power saw somewhere else around the house, my 200-foot extension cord should take care of it. It all sounded peachy until I realized how much I love my iPhone. Even though the wireless reception isn’t all that great in parts of the house, I don’t go around dragging a corded landline phone with extension telephone wire despite its superior sound quality, do I?

It’s not as simple as it sounded. I tried a few cordless jigsaws and they just wouldn’t cut it. Not until I got my hands on this Panasonic EY4550 cordless jigsaw that I finally made the switch – I loved it as much as my phone, or at least almost as much.

The EY4550 is light and compact in a most agreeable way. It feels perfectly balanced in my hand and it mastered every task I asked of it. 4 stages of pendulum action allow the cutting power, speed and precision of the jigsaw to adapt to every material that I tried it on. The attached rip fence is a good one and I have admit the Dust Blow function is highly effective. As befitting Panasonic’s reputation as one of the premier battery manufacturers in the world, the 18V Li-ion battery is good stuff. The capacity is great, and it lasts long and charges quickly.


  • 4 stages of pendulum action.
  • Features variable speed and 3-position orbital action.
  • Counter Balance mechanism for stability and low vibration.
  • Cutting performance: 65mm wood, 6mm mild steel, 10mm aluminum.
  • 0 to 45-degree cutting angle adjustment for miter cuts.
  • You’ll love the Dust Blow function and the rip fence.
  • Comes with a wood blade and a metal blade – tool-free blade change.
  • Includes 18V Panasonic Li-ion battery pack.
  • Built with Tough Tool IP technology – IP56 approval for dust and water protection.
  • Built-in LED light for working in the dark.
  • Indicator lights for low battery and overheated status.
  • Perfect weight distribution.
  • Safety features include electric brake and safety switch lock.
  • Equipped with ergonomic handle with non-slip grip.
  • The weight with the battery pack is merely 7.4 pounds.
  • The factory warranty is 1 year.


  • Requires a bit higher application of force since it’s so light.
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Panasonic EY4640X31 14.4V Angle Grinder Review

A Light and Compact Cordless Angle Grinder That’s also a Powerhouse

As light and compact as the Panasonic EY4640 cordless power angle grinder is, you will not believe how powerful and handy it is in a wide range of applications, from metal fabrication and electrical installation to all sorts of general construction, plumbing and HVAC jobs. This 14.4V Li-ion battery-powered angle grinder runs its 4.5-inch disc at a speed of 9,500 rpm for high-speed metal cutting, grinding, and rust removal. You’ll love the balance of this tool in your hand, as well as its ergonomic non-slip handle that’s thick enough for power and yet slim enough for a full hard grip, further supported by its 90-degree side handle.

It’s amazing how much work you can get done between battery charges. The reason is two-fold. Needless to say, first up is the previously mentioned high performance of this compact tool that gets things done quickly. And then it’s the long-lasting 14.4V Li-ion cobalt battery pack that does not noticeably weaken with use after a fresh recharge. This 3.3Ah capacity battery pack is much lighter than comparable Ni-Cd and Ni-MH cells and requires only 50 minutes to attain usable charge. The Guard-On battery protection system of the universal charger ensures the long-term reliability of the battery pack.

You’ll also notice how easy and non-fatiguing it is to use, thanks to the Panasonic EY4640’s ergonomic design. It has built-in LED light to help with working in low light environment. This is a Tough Tool IP56 rated angle grinder for dust and water resistance. All motor brushes will fail over time, but no problem – there’s an easy access port on the Panasonic EY4640 for changing brushes.


  • The 4.5-inch disc runs at a high-speed 9,500 rpm (without load).
  • The spindle size is 13/16-inch.
  • Incorporates Panasonic Tough Tool IP technology to withstand impact, water and dust.
  • The included battery pack is a 14.4V Panasonic Li-ion cobalt cells. The usable charge time is only 50 minutes.
  • Includes a universal battery charger, model number EY0L80B which contains self-diagnostic circuitry to monitor each battery cell against overcharging and overheating.
  • Equipped with 90-degree side handle, the tool handle is slim and ergonomic with non-slip grip.
  • It’s a lightweight and compact design at only 4.8 pounds without the battery pack. The length is 14-3/8 inches.
  • Comes with standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • It’s been replaced by a newer model, the dual voltage Panasonic EY46A2X that accommodates a bigger disc size.
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