Hyundai HY2000Si Portable Petrol Inverter Generator Review

Hyundai’s range of inverter generators are market leaders providing portable, compact and powerful power sources for almost all off-grid activities. They are commonly used among those in the motorhome, caravan and camping communitues. As a case in point the Hyundai HY2000si can produce up to 3400 Watts to power all your electrical and electronic appliances wherever you might find yourself. Better still, the revised 2016 design incorporates new features such as a digital display panel and a smaller casing than previous iterations.

The generator is driven by an 125cc HY149 four stroke recoil start petrol engine and provides a continuous power output of 2000w. The HY200si also comes with an “eco” setting that regulates the generator speed with respect to energy requirements. The eco mode also goes a long way to reducing  operational noise, and equally the number of revolutions reduces with a decrease in load which also increases the overall machine lifespan as well as fuel efficiency.

As far as usability goes, this Hyundai generator’s lightweight design makes it extremely portable as it only weighs 23kg; thus it’s ideal for taking on holidays. The Control panel has a 12vDC battery charging outlet and two 13a plug sockets, more than enough for any temporary set up.

An automatic oil level sensor shuts down the generator when the oil drops lower than the operational threshold. The HY200is also incorporates a digital overload protection which protects its internal components from damage in the event the device is over loaded. The generator has an AC output of 2.2kw peak/ 2.0kw rated at 120VAC and a 144w, 12A DC output rated at 12VDC. Its 4.5-liter capacity tank enables the generator to run for 5.5 hours at 50% load nonstop when full. The Hyundai generator has a noise level of 64dBa at maximum capacity.


  • Lightweight design: the generator is designed to be portable and convenient for storage and transportation. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities where there is need to carry it around without having to involve a lot of effort.
  • Inverter Technology: the state of the art inverter technology incorporated in the Hyundai HY2000si generator produces a pure sine wave output which is clean and very stable. This feature allows Hy2000si use to power sensitive electronic appliances such as computers making it the obvious choice for domestic and office appliances
  • Fuel efficiency: the four-stroke 125cc engine has an Eco mode which generates the power you need minimizes power loss and ensures longer run times. A four-litre tank gives you up to 9 hours at 25% load and three hours at full load. This ensures that the Hyundai generator minimizes on emissions and saves your money.
  • Quiet operation: at maximum load, the generator has a 64dBa noise level which is lower than most conventional designs. The low noise operation minimises disturbance in the form of noise making the HY2000i ideal for places where concentration and calmness are required.


  • Cost ineffective: HY2000si generators are more expensive than conventional generators of the same power rating. Maintenance costs are also high due to the sophisticated automation systems. The cheaper cost for the conventional generators attracts consumers more as their attention is diverted from the Hyundai generator.
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