Einhell TC-ID 650 E Impact Drill Review

Sometimes, incredible value equals a home improvement tool that falls short in the performance department. Such is the case with the Einhell TC-ID 650 E Impact Drill 650 Watt 240 Volt. Many consumers complain about not being able to use the power drill because of the European two-pin plug. Moreover, the two-pin plug doesn’t appear in the company product description. Waiting for the right pin sets back home improvement projects several days, if not a week or more. The drill also receives criticism for sudden strong vibrations that produce drilling errors, especially through very hard surfaces. By spending a few more pounds, you can find a much higher quality drill that offers more versatility and accurate performance.

That’s not to say the Einhell power drill doesn’t bring positive attributes to the table. The quick-change drill chick and high-speed electronic performance allow you to spend more time working and less time prepping the power tool for home improvement projects. Homeowners either operate in drilling or impact drilling mode, which falls short of other power drills that offer three, four, or even five operating modes. The lack of operating modes restricts the use of the Einhell TC-ID 650 E Impact Drill for strictly drilling jobs. However, you can use the reverse facility for drilling and screwing by using the same bit.

For home improvement projects that require considerable movement, the Einhell power drill provides the portability to keep you moving along. The lightweight design keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day and the belt hook offers you a convenient place to attach the power drill, as you move up and down stairs. Wattage of 650 falls short of the power output generated by other power drills in the Einhell TC-ID 650 E Impact Drill class. The power drill receives kudos for its long lasting durability, especially for its corrosion proof exterior.


  • Lightweight design easy on the arms
  • Rugged protective exterior
  • High-speed electric performance


  • Sudden strong vibrations cause safety issues
  • Only two operating modes
  • European two-pin plug
  • Generates only 650 watts
  • Limited options for ruse


If price point represents the overwhelming factor in your power drill buying decision, then you should consider purchasing the Einhell TC-ID 650 E Impact Drill 650 Watt 240 Volt. However, most homeowners would rather spend a few more pounds for a power drill that not only offers more versatility, but also generates more than 650 watts of power. The rugged design of this power drill might appeal to some consumers. Yet, what’s the significance of durability, when you can only use the drill for a limited number of home improvement projects.

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