Hitachi Fdv16vb2 Rotary Impact Drill Review

There’s good news and there’s bad new that accompany the purchase of the Hitachi Fdv16vb2 240 Volt Rotary Impact Drill with 16 mm Keyless Chuck. If you’re a glass is half full type of homeowner, then you should love the variable speed action that provides you with the flexibility to drill through several different types of objects. For example, you can use this drill to quickly bore through a wooden frame and then turn around to blast through a layer of thick concrete. Variable speed action makes the Hitachi power drill popular among homeowners that possess a high level of expertise in performing difficult home improvement projects.

On the other hand, the glass is half empty crowd immediately points out the limited power performance of the 550-watt power drill from Hitachi. Several professional contractors mention that the lack of power mostly negates the variable speed action. The lightweight design receives praise for keeping homeowners fresh during extended projects. Your wrists and arms benefits from the ergonomic design and super soft grip of the handle. The 16-millimetrte keyless chuck and long lasting carrying case also receive positive feedback from both consumers and professional contractors.

The decision on whether to buy the Hitachi Fdv16vb2 240 Volt Rotary Impact Drill with 16 mm Keyless Chuck often comes down to the features you want in a power drill. If you only need a power drill for performing basic home improvement jobs, then this affordable power drill is for you. However, the 230-volt power drill’s limited applications don’t work for experienced homeowners and certainly falls way short in the performance category for contractors.


  • Variable speed action
  • Ergonomic design
  • Super soft grip
  • Rugged carrying case design


  • 550 watts
  • Only good for basic home improvement projects
  • Weak exterior housing
  • Slight vibrations


If you’re serious about home improvement projects, then you can do much better than buying the Hitachi Fdv16vb2 240 Volt Rotary Impact Drill with 16 mm Keyless Chuck. Lack of power and slight vibrations hamper the performance of this power drill. The variable speed action allows you to bore through different objects, but the lack of power mitigates the benefits of the variable speeds. You can do much better spending a few more pounds for a power drill that excels in performance.

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