Black & Decker KS500 Jigsaw Review

This is a jigsaw manufactured by the Black & Decker, one of the most renowned brand names in the world of power tools. If you’re looking for a light, powerful jigsaw, the Black & Decker KS500 should be your first consideration.

This jigsaw has a universal blade clamp thus making it compatible with all U and T shank type blades, this makes life far easier when shopping for spares, and also has the potential to save you a fair bit of cash in the long run. The dust blow on this saw helps in keeping the all important line of cut clear, and this is further aided by a ‘sight channel’ which enables you have an accurate and clear view of the line of cut directly from above.

This type of jigsaw also has an integral blade storage feature that allows various blades to be kept safely. Not only does this work towards ensuring storage space is optimized, but it also saves time that would otherwise have been spent fumbling around looking for replacement blades.

It’s also a single stroke tool which makes it forceful and speedy at the same time. This characteristic will save even more of your time and make cutting through the work piece as effortless as you could hope for.

Speaking of making things effortless, the lock on switch means don’t need to hold onto the switch throughout your cutting session. This is a relief especially during lengthy sessions.

The blade clamp is also tool free, meaning you don’t need any tools such as screwdrivers or hex keys while changing blades. Once again this saves you time and makes your life easier.


  • Compact and lightweight design with space saving features such as integrated blade storage
  • A clean working environment is assured because of the dust blow
  • Clear view of cutting line is assured thanks to ‘sight channel’ feature
  • Many time saving features such as tool free adjustment and powerful single stroke cutting mechanism


  • At 400 Watts it’s not as powerful as other jigsaws
  • Some users have complained about the tool not coming with spare blades


The Black & Decker KS500 is the ideal choice for lighter work, and cutting thin and soft material, otherwise you’ll need to invest in something more powerful. You might have to spend more money to acquire higher quality equipment but it’s worth it. Remember cheap is expensive in the end, so only use this jigsaw for very light duties at home.

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