Bosch GST 90 BE Jigsaw Review

Are you looking for a powerful, professional grade jigsaw? Well, you’re in the right place because the Bosch GST 90 BE is the perfect tool to meet this very need. It’s certainly not the lightest jigsaw at 2.6kg, and although its specifications look fairly standard on paper, it does have several desirable features that you’ll want to explore further.

This jigsaw’s 650-watt motor might seem modest, but bear in mind that it enables the saw to cut through wood a whopping 90mm thick, whilst coping with 20mm thick aluminium and 10mm thick steel, nearly double what some jigsaws are capable of, so if it’s a close companion to your band-saw that you’re after, this might just do the trick. It also has a keyless blade change system, so there’s no need to worry about carrying a key that might get lost and halt proceedings. When other adjustments are necessary the allen key set that comes with this saw will enable you tighten and loosen screws and bolts as you require, so everything you need is included.

Speaking of which the GST 90 BE also comes with a case which is always handy for keeping tools in good shape, after all, there’s no need for unnecessary prangs if you can avoid them.

The splinter guard on the saw is another great feature that prevents you from being scratched by flying chips of whatever material you’re cutting, not to mention that it also ensures the safety of your eyes lest the pieces head in their direction.

The exemplary smooth running of this saw guarantees you the best results, free of tears and too much user fatigue. This model is particularly strong in this department, largely because the blade clamping mechanism is very stiff, thereby eliminating that unfavorable wobble that jigsaws are notorious for. This is a definite improvement over previous Bosch models, and those in the cheaper ‘Green’ Bosch range.

The dust extraction feature is always very handy in assisting the management of dust, ensuring you have a clean working environment, and suffer no ill health effects as a result of dust inhalation. Having said that, the GST 90 BE doesn’t perform quite as well in this regard as other jigsaws, and you might still find the amount of residual sawdust left behind after cutting isn’t to your liking.

The electronic speed control is a great feature -an assurance of material specific work; you don’t have to worry about setting the speed to suit the surface you want to work on, the saw takes care of that for you!


  • Tool free blade changes
  • It is fast and powerful due the 650-watt motor
  • It has a strong base plate and pendulum stroke adjustment mechanism to ensure precise results
  • It has a bonus of 3 saw blades included


  • Heavier than many other models as it weighs 2.6kg
  • Dust extraction system isn’t the best we’ve seen
  • The painted black shoe plate doesn’t come with any plastic covering, so the chances are this will incur cosmetic damage over time, which may or may not be a concern to you


The GST 90 BE has received a lot of positive feedback from its users. Despite being a bit heavy, it is the jigsaw of choice for heavy applications and regular, daily use. You won’t many more powerful jigsaws than this one, that much we can be sure of.

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