Bosch PST 700E Jigsaw Review

The Bosch PST 700E is a precise jigsaw that stands out from other models largely because of the cut types it’s capable of producing, and for the power it kicks out, all for a comparatively low price.

The PST 700E makes both precise straight and curved cuts, and thanks to its tight turning circle and narrow blades you’re able to achieve exceptional maneuverability when making curved cuts. As far as straight cuts are concerned this jigsaw has guide rails and parallel guides that enable you to cut professional, straight lines with ease. The parallel guides also feature a circle guide feature to enable the saw to make circular cuts.

Another really handy time saver with this tool come with its ability to make ‘plunge cutting’ possible – whereby you can create openings without pre-drilling on board or sheet, and therefore no drill required! The tool is also able to cut greater thicknesses of wood than any other brand of jigsaw. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications, from working on wooden floors, to sawing panels or boards to size, or when you intend to create your own decorations such as picture frames and bed head boards. The PST 700E cuts wood to a maximum of thickness of 70mm, 10mm in aluminum and 4mm in steel, impressive stuff eh?

From an operational standpoint the electronic speed control trigger allows you to start cutting slowly and softly, and the fingertip control enables you to accurately match the saw blade stroke rate to the material. It’s also easy to change the blades without needing screwdrivers or hex keys due to the tool free SDS blade change system.

The 4-stage pendulum action provides a swinging motion to the blade stroke which both improves chip and dust ejection, and speeds up cutting, especially in thick surfaces. The dust spout at the rear of the tool makes dust extraction easier, consequently making your working environment cleaner, and your view of the cutting line clearer


  • Versatile, especially the cut types and modes available
  • It is ergonomically designed, it has a soft grip and low vibration therefore giving the user maximum control of the tooling without getting uncomfortable
  • Small and light – just 1.7kg


  • The one major disadvantage of Bosch PST is that it lacks a cutting guide which has attracted some complaints from several customers
  • Some users have also faced difficulty when changing the blades despite the tool being easy to operate


If precision, versatility, profile work, fast and quick operations are your priority, you should go for this saw. In terms of the thickness of wood you can cut, and the modes of operation available, you’ll struggle to find another model that competes, especially when it comes to price.

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