Draper 75109 Jigsaw Review

An affordable jigsaw from firm British favorites Draper, this is ideal for homeowners and other do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that it comes with a manual that clearly explains how to operate the tool. This really shouldn’t be underestimated, especially if you’re an inexperienced amateur, and the fact is so many tools don’t come with a decent instruction manual.

The design of the 75109 might be modest in appearance, but it’s designed to give the user a firm but soft grip. A sturdy and well designed piece of kit, it penetrates wood surfaces up to 5.5cm deep without any issue. It uses a bayonet or universal-fitting jig saw blade that makes it compatible with many other blade brands. No more hunting around for hours on end trying to find an exact match for replacement blades!

Another testament to it’s good design, this jigsaw is lightweight at just 2kg to ensure fatigue is reduced especially when cutting for long periods. It also means that you can hold it with one hand and free up your other one for other activities.

The variable cutting speed of the saw ensures that you  you start cutting softly and increase the speed when needed to maintain a clean cut, and for safety reasons. This flexibility is also good when working on soft surfaces that need less effort, unlike tougher surfaces.

Pros of the Draper 75109

  • Cost conscious yet quality is assured
  • Easy to handle with a user focused, lightweight design
  • Compact in nature
  • Compatible with blades of other manufacturers, and blades are also easy to replace


This tool has generally received positive feedback with a few complaints from users such as:

  • Poor quality blades – but this isn’t the end of the world of course, as new blades will take care of this
  • It’s not ideal for straight cuts because the blade is mounted on a surface that is at an angle, therefore you have to hold the saw at an angle which could be tiring and uncomfortable


The Draper 75109 is a tool suitable for any tasks you’ll need a jigsaw for, and comes with everything you need to master the art of ‘jigsawing’. It’s a good solid piece of equipment and as long as you don’t push it beyond its capability, you’ll be a happy user at the end of the day.

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