Einhell BT-JS 800 E Jigsaw Review

This is an ideal jigsaw for you if you’re a DIY beginner since it’s both powerful and easy to operate, but lets see what else the Einhell  has to offer.

With 800 Watts of cutting power behind it, you can guess, and rightly so, that this tool is indeed powerful. The electronic speed control feature makes it possible for you to work at your own pace and achieve the smoothness required on a surface, so you don’t have to go at break neck speed if the job doesn’t demand it or you don’t feel comfortable. The pendulum action is typical among jigsaws, a tried a tested mechanism, so you can’t say fairer in that respect.

The tool less saw blade change system is another advantage of the BT-JS 800, so you don’t need to worry about turning your garage or shed upside down looking for a screwdriver here. You’re able to tilt the saw plate up to 45 degrees, both in the left and right direction, so you can make some pretty extreme and awkward cuts if the situation demands it! The cutting depth of this saw is a maximum of 80mm for wood, 10mm for steel and 25mm in plastic.

The transparent guard enables you see exactly what’s happening inside the guts of the saw, which besides being interesting to look at also enables you to determine its functionality in case you notice a problem with it. Also on the subject of visibility, the LED work light ensures visibility especially when you’e working in poorly lit places or detailed areas that require optimum accuracy and concentration.


  • It’s among the few saws that are suited to cutting plastic surfaces
  • Multi-purpose, cuts a variety of materials at a variety of angles
  • Comes with a clear instruction manual
  • It’s easy to get replacement blades for this type of saw, they don’t have to be manufacturer originals


  • At 2.4kg it’s heavier than it looks

Critics also have complaints such as:

  • It lacks proper suction when using a vacuum cleaner for dust management
  • The blade doesn’t cut straight and veers away if not controlled due to absence of guides, despite what the images would have you believe
  • It is not as smooth as other more costly models


In spite of a few complaints, this is a tool worth investing in, since it’s powerful, efficient and replacement blades are easily available. Sitting somewhere in the middle ground in terms of quality, Einhell certainly haven’t let themselves down here, although neither have they excelled.

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