Powerplus POWX0075LI Jigsaw Review

Among the many battery-run jigsaws available in the market, the Powerplus POWX0075LI is among those at the top of the heap. As the name suggests, it uses an 18-volt lithium ion battery. So if cordless functionality is on your list of must haves in your search for the perfect jigsaw, please read on!

This tool has a quick release system for changing blades; a feature that will ensure you don’t waste any time faffing about with tools to change the blade. The 4-position pendulum action makes the saw more effective than more basic models as it moves the blade back and forth, as well as up and down when cutting, thus giving you the most efficient cut possible.

The cordless nature of this jigsaw enables you to maneuver around your work surface easily with no cable to restrict your movements, or worse, accidentally cut through! It might be cordless, but don’t be fooled into thinking it lacks power, it’s more than capable of making cuts up to 6.5 cm thick into wood, 2.0 cm into plastic and 0.8 cm for soft metals. The variable speed control ensures you attain any depth of cutting within the stipulated range, and also enables you work at your own pace to produce smooth end results.

The LED work light is a big help in ensuring precise control when using the saw as well as increasing the visibility of the cut line.

In terms of charging this beast, a mere hour is required to get it fully charged, thus minimizing downtime. The charger comes with a carry case, which is a nice bonus, after all who doesn’t like getting free stuff thrown in!? Incidentally the charger kit also comes with the battery; you do not need to buy the charger separately.

The Powerplus POWX0075LI has a 36-month home user warranty, and the manufacturers have every faith in it performing exactly as intended, and in case it does not function as required, you can get it replaced within three years of purchasing it.


  • Ideal for DIY tasks, especially when a power outlet is not available
  • There are no trailing lead problems to worry about
  • High performance, with pendulum action to improve cutting ability


  • Limited to light jobs, for continuous and rigorous use there is no substitute for a power mains driven saw
  • Users have raised issues such as the tool lacking in power, and difficulty in cutting a straight line.

The Powerplus POWX0075LI uses high quality battery driven system that makes it ideal for simple occasional tasks but isn’t the best choice for repeated long term use. We can see it coming into its own as an aid to a one off job that demands its cordless attributes, such as building a construction project in it’s early stage when power sources haven’t been installed.

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