Ryobi RJS1050-K Jigsaw Review

If you have been looking for a jigsaw that leads the way in terms of power, quality, and just about every other way then your search ends with the Ryobi RJS1050-K.

Its 680 Watt motor is powerful enough to provide unparalleled cutting capacities. For example, this saw penetrates wood to a maximum of 10.5cm and 1.2cm in steel – quite a performance that other jigsaws would struggle to compete with.

This model also boasts the most visible cut line on the market because of its compact and slim design, and what’s more The LED light ensures you have a clear view of what you’re cutting. The integrated air management system blows away dust from the cut path and the work piece, and the flip down cut guide provides a guide to help you follow a marked line thus more precision. When it comes to keeping a clear view of the task at hand, there isn’t a better choice than the RJS1050-K.

The flat saw bar design fosters accuracy of up to 49% and reduces vibration up to 10%, making this jigsaw more precise and comfortable to use than many similar products on the market.

The 4-stage pendulum action ensures the most efficient and controlled cutting action possible. The integrated speed wheel makes the varying speed of the saw even more intuitive and user-friendly.

The soft rubber grip, slim handle design ensures you have an easy time holding the tool and when it comes to clamping the blade in position, this can be done with a single finger, so there’s almost no cause for strain here.


  • Cutline visibility is optimal
  • Accuracy of the cut is guaranteed
  • User comfort is well considered
  • Less noisy due to the reduced vibration
  • Its bevel is flexible to ensure you get the slant required on a surface


Despite a raft of excellent features, users have raised some concerns regarding the Ryobi RJS1050-K such as:

  • The tendency towards an upward blowing of dust that could hurt eyes
  • Some users have experienced difficulty when extending and collapsing the fin on the bottom of the saw.

Unless you use a tool, you can never know its strengths and weaknesses. However, this model is of high performance, and it’s range of user optimized merits speak for themselves. This is definitely one of the best jigsaws on the market today.

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