Bosch GML 10.8V-Li Job Site Radio Review

Bosch are known for its competitive edge in both hand-held and power tools. In the same spirit, this work site radio has features that make it stand out from other models in the industry. From the word go, we can tell you that this is worth having in your tool bag, after all working with music boosts morale and makes the working day go that little bit quicker!

The Bosch GML has a remarkably powerful sound for an FM/AM radio, and also caters for the playing of MP3 files. The fact that the radio fits perfectly in half a Bosch L-BOXX makes it easy for you to transport it along with other tools, without having to worry about incurring any damage. The Aux-In slot makes it possible to connect external devices, therefore you don’t have to rely on what the available radio stations offer; you can listen to your own playlist as well- Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’ anyone? Adding to the flexibility on offer, this radio can be powered by both batteries and a mains adapter, so don’t worry about missing the Archers just because your batteries have gone flat!

Other features this radio boasts are 10 preset stations (5AM and 5FM), a practical storage compartment for the supplied mains adapter, and an Aux-In cable. The speakers provide a good stereo sound, which can be customized to suit your taste thanks to the bass and treble controls.

One particularly fascinating thing about this radio is the fact it remains fully functional even after falling from a height of 1 metre. Considering the environment you’re likely to use it in, this is not only very clever, but almost essential. You should definitely keep this in mind when looking for a job site radio as not all models can make this guarantee.


  • High quality, adjustable sound
  • Safe storage of ancillaries within the unit
  • Connectivity with external music players
  • Long-lasting and durable construction
  • Less prone to risks that come with falls
  • Comes with 10 preset stations


  • Lacks the DAB function that allows availability of more stations


It is hard to find a popular brand of radio that receives almost no criticism from users. This makes the Bosch GML 10.8V-Li a very credible type in the market. It is definitely among the best brands to purchase in case you need a high quality radio with minimum disappointments. However, if you have a model that has DAB feature, you had better stick to it because Bosch’s does not have that. Therefore, it is limited in terms of the number of stations, but it is a high quality radio.

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