Denver WR-40 Job Site Radio Review

Introducing the Denver WR-40, it’s among the many jobsite radio models in the industry, but at definitely stands out as being one of the more affordable.

It relies on both batteries and mains electricity for power. That way, you won’t be inconvenienced if you’re away from the a mains power socket, or conversely when your batteries are low and you are near a socket. This radio is also resistant to impact or shock which is an ever present risk when on a construction site. Its rugged features make it sturdy and attractive at the same time, and to help it withstand any knocks or drops the casing is framed by thick rubberised bumpers.

The auxiliary connection means that connecting your smartphone or your MP3 player is quick and easy. You’ve got the choice of listening to your favourite playlist, or whatever the radio has to offer as you go about your work.

The large rubberised knobs ensure you have an easy time controlling your radio even when wearing gloves on your hands – really useful feature which some more expensive models have failed to take into account. This model is also splash resistant when you are using batteries to power it, BUT NOT when powered by the mains. It can withstand several minutes of rain when you’re working outdoors, but you should be careful not to leave it exposed for too long – there are no prizes for pushing something beyond reasonable limits!

And for those times when you need need to sit at a bench and concentrate on a more intricate task, or just for when the music needs to be more personal, the designers of this radio have even included a head phone socket – lovely!


  • Low purchasing cost
  • Compactly built to withstand falls as well as falling objects thanks to rugged shock absorbant design
  • Connectivity with other audio devices
  • Mobility of the radio is assured


  • Less waterproof than more expensive models
  • Lacks AM and DAB features, thus you’re limited in number of stations to listen to
  • The large knobs may not be as attractive as the medium sized ones, however they are easier to operate
  • Sound quality is without doubt inferior to more expensive models
  • There have been complaints about the reception quality being poor, so if you work in reception black spots the WR-40 might not be a great a choice


This is a neat little radio that has clearly been designed with the rigours and hazards of construction sites in mind, so it’s a great option particularly for occasional work in a domestic setting. We wouldn’t recommend it for regular use if you’re a professional tradesman, as it’s been noted by some that it isn’t as long lasting as other radios. As always, you get what you pay for.

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