McCulloch CS 380 Chainsaw Review

McCulloch CS 380 for a Powerful and Reliable Experience

When it comes to chainsaws, the McCulloch brand has been synonymous with solid performance and reliability. While these tools are mostly used for smaller garden tasks and were designed for that purpose, they are so mechanically sound that they can handle even bigger projects.

The CS380 is a compact and light machine, weighing about 11 pounds, capable of a 1.4 KW output that translates to roughly 1.9 horsepower. The OxyPower petrol engine creates a high power output despite having lower levels of emission. As its name suggests, the tool-less chain feature allows you to do the assembling – as well as the disassembling – without using any kind of tool.

The Soft Start feature reduces the resistance of the starter cord by as much as 40%, making the starting process considerably easier. According to McCulloch, a maximum of two pulls should start the chainsaw at any given time, provided there is enough fuel in the tank. No McCulloch chainsaw review could be complete without mentioning the products’ maintenance features.

The CS380 has an integrated choke and stop control, which helps you to avoid serious engine problems, like flooding. There is also an integrated combi tool at the rear handle, and a third, built-in maintenance feature called CCS air filtering. This feature keeps the water out of the inside of the tool, increasing the chainsaw’s durability.. The McCulloch CS380 also has an advanced anti-vibration system, making usage more comfortable.

The chain of the CS380 may be a weak spot, but this is the case with most – if not all – chainsaws. Regardless, of whether you use this tool a lot or a little, there is a high probability that the chain will need constant tightening. This is not necessarily the end of the world thanks to the tool-less feature, but if it starts to happen to you, a replacement chain might be the best solution.


  • Very efficient garden chainsaw
  • Tool-less chain tensioning feature
  • See-through fuel level indicator window
  • Reduced emission levels
  • Soft Start feature
  • Integrated choke and stop controls
  • Combi tool


  • Chain may require constant tensioning

The McCulloch CS380 is one of the best garden chainsaws on the market, including an excellent engine with reduced emission levels and multi-feature design. With proper use and adequate maintenance – along with the occasional chain replacement -, this excellent garden tool should serve you for years.

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