McCulloch MAC GBV345 Leaf Blower

McCulloch MAC GBV345 Leaf Blower

As a multi purpose product with both vacuum and blowing capabilities, you might expect the McCulloch MAC GBV345 to be quite difficult to put together. The truth is quite the opposite, straight from the box it takes a mere 10 minutes to connect everything up. The instructions are also very helpful and simple enough to follow even for the non technically minded gardener.

While using, it can be considered a little loud and definitely produces more noise than other vacs in the same class. It’s also quite heavy. At nearly 7kg it can become strenuous after holding it for a while. It’s very well-built, but this isn’t much consolation when your arms start to ache. So realistically, using this for a while, along with the heavy vibrating will mean a few breaks are necessary during the job.

Disposing of debris is very efficient. 45 litres of bag capacity means you don’t need to keep emptying the bag while you clear the garden. This will most likely save you time as it can often be a complicated process trying to detach a full bag.

It shreds at a ratio of 16:1 which is a decent enough to make the foundations of a a good compost. Either way, whether you want to use the contents for compost or simply throw them away, this product is well equipped for both scenarios.


• Not overly expensive
• Powerful
• Large bag capacity
• Efficient disposal methods


• Can be quite heavy after a while
• The anti vibration technology isn’t as great as the manufacturers claim it is


We can’t fault this product in terms of utility. It does exactly what it says on the tin with high quality performance, and construction. Again the only issues are in terms of comfort. Blowing and sucking leaves can be tiring work for a lot of us so if you plan on using it for extended periods make sure you take breaks or perhaps just find a lighter model.

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