McCulloch SuperLite 4528 00096-66.933.01 Hedge Trimmer Review

If you know that weight is an issue for you, but that you know you need the freedom and power offered by a petrol hedge trimmer then the McCulloch Superlite could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s not just the user friendly weight (a mere 4.8kg) that makes this a great choice for domestic users, like other modern trimmers the priming process for the fuel system is a doddle to get to grips with, and the starter cable doesn’t take much ‘oomph’ to get going at all.

It has to be said that this trimmer has a shorter scale cutting blade than many other petrol hedge trimmers, at 45cm it’s more in league with basic electric models. However that’s really the selling point here, if you’re after something with the size, weight, and storage convenience of an electric trimmer, combined with the freedom of a cordless, and of course the power of a petrol trimmer, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. And to be honest we can see the appeal, after all a cordless electric trimmer might well tick most of those boxes, but there’s no getting away from the fact that you can almost guarantee both its power and running time will be less than what this machine offers.

In terms of ergonomics and comfort this is pretty no frills to be honest. The handles are basic but functional in design, but they don’t stand out among the crowd by any means. It would have been nice to see some of the adjustability/different holding options displayed by other trimmers. What is good to see is that an anti-vibration system has been included, perfect for ensuring your comfort during use.


  • Lightweight at only 4.8kg
  • Great half way house between a small electric trimmer and larger petrol trimmer
  • Adequately considered user friendly design with anti vibration system and easy starting mechanism
  • 28cm blade tooth gap to ensure that cutting branches of 2cm or so is easily possible
  • Easy to maintain – air filter can be removed for cleaning or changing without the need for tools


  • Fairly basic design, doesn’t offer a whole lot to really pique interest at a superficial level


The line above more or less sums it up really! Whilst this is a perfectly functional trimmer, and like we said quite a good option if you want something lightweight between an electric model and higher end petrol model, there’s nothing about it that really jumps out and sells it to us. Hey, that might just be us being ultra picky, but when a manufacturer goes the extra mile to do something ‘a bit different’ with their design, it really makes a difference and shows that they’ve really thought about how they can improve the solution compared to other manufacturers. Make no mistake, this will do a fine job of cutting your hedge, just don’t expect it to win any design awards any time soon.

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